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Bank dream interpretation

Bank :


It means power, authority, and also may warn against overdoing these features. A bank means financial matters and also important values.

see a bank full of gold and money: successful ventures, the profits due to the hard work

deposit money: one of your secret dreams will come true

withdraw money: debts

work in a bank: good views for improvement

be in a bank: you do not feel safe, you are looking for shelter, which will not give you any place, you have to find it in yourself, remind what gave you the feeling of safety and made you to live the life; open to other people

enter a bank: soon you will find yourself in a luxurious environment

get out of the bank: the dream should be read the opposite, you find yourself in an environment of poverty

see the broken facade of the bank: burglary, loss of money, loss of financial support

empty counter at the bank, without the cashier: a project that is in progress but will not be realized at all or not yet

if banknotes replace the paper: negotiations are only the official meetings

a meeting with the director of the bank: honorable, well-paid position

be a witness of a bank robbery: you will catch someone cheating or someone will betray your trust

lose money as a result of a bank robbery: unexpected gains

participate in bank investments: financial successes Bank – material protection, fulfilled desires, desires are accompanied by money and money can realize them


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