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Actor dream interpretation

Actor :

actor_aktorThis sign may suggest that we act the role which does not fit our personality and this may have consequences in the future.  It may also express our exaggerated desire to enjoy greater recognition and respect of the people around us. Generally, an actor provides that we live in circles of people which are much different than we are and we feel bad spending time with them.

An actor symbolizes our independence. However, this sign sometimes can be a warning: Be careful!  Someone is trying to present you in a bad light.

see him or spend time with him: spending time with interesting people bring you much joy and pleasure

see him on stage: someone is interested in you, but watch out for suspicious intentions

be an actor: you will have a great job

meet an actor: you dream about a great success that allow you to believe in yourself and your abilities

admire an actor: you have to play a role in your life, what is an obstacle for you;  others are trying to manipulate you

talk about the actor: fraud.


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