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Woman dream interpretation

Woman :

Woman_kobietaAs a dream symbol, a woman is the most common expression of your dreams and expectations.      

see: minor disagreements

if she is beautiful: you are in love

pregnant: the joyful news

young and naked: vain requirements

with long hair: happiness and honours   

a blonde: happy event

a redhead: persecutions

a black-haired or brown-haired woman: disease

with a boyish haircut: the announcement of the great pleasures

a laughing woman: expenses

a crying woman: you will get into trouble

take her in arms: an argument

to kiss a woman: profits

woo to her: flatterers will deceive you

enjoy her favors: you will get into conflicts

turning a woman into a man and the other way round: a marriage or a lasting relationship

see a woman giving birth to a child: a harbinger of prosperity, and happiness

an old woman: retrospection and idealized image of a mother

kiss the old woman: a quarrel in a marriage

look at a praying woman: good days

a woman wearing makeup: hypocrisy

with a child: cares  

an accompanied woman: anxiety and slander, gossip

with elegant shoes: the search for pleasures

wearing a nightcap: laziness

see a lot of women: you will have a dinner party   

see her intimate part of the body: insatiable lust

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