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Mother :

Mother_matkaA symbol of fertility; if you rarely dream about your mother, it means that your relationship with her is correct. Otherwise, the dream suggests the uncertainty of your attitude towards life, the lack of independence.

see her dead: a warning against the lack of prudence

see her when she is still alive: a happy event

hear her voice: do not neglect your home and loved ones

see her being afraid of her child: there is a danger that you will suffer because of the difficult, unfortunate situation of another person

see crying: a disaster

a quarrel with her: it is a high time to start making decisions about your life

live with a mother: prosperity and well-being

see your mom cleaning the house: your activities will bring you joy and satisfaction

see her being happy while looking after her children: the benefits from someone’s happiness

cuddle up to your mom: do not be shy to show affection and gratitude

lose her while she is still alive:you are tormented by the pricks of conscience

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