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Wellington boots Dream Dictionary

Wellington boots

Wellington boots dream interpretation

Wellington boots :

wellington boots_kalosze

You will face troubles and concerns.

wear wellington boots: it is going to rain

buy wellington boots: you are worried of unspecified danger

get wellington boots: someone wants to help you, do not be afraid to trust him/her

destroy rubber boots: you may receive a threat from someone

wet rubber boots: health problems

Wellington boots dream meaning

In our dreams, galoshes symbolize the rainy aura above our head, as well as cloudy and sad days in our lives, which is often a harbinger of the time of little compotes, worries and numerous worries.

For a man, wellies on the legs of an attractive woman indicate an inappropriate relationship

On the other hand, wellies on the legs of a man in a woman’s dream are a sign that the man you see has fallen under your spell, but you still need to be careful because he is tied, which may mean that you do not accept the environment as to your behavior.

Colorful rubber boots on the legs of a close partner or life partner are a sign of happiness in a love relationship….

If rubber boots appear in a dream, they foreshadow impending worries and troubles. When you wear them on your feet, it means that rainy weather is approaching (also in a metaphorical sense). You will struggle with problems.

The interpretation of wellington boots

If you buy them in your dream, this is a sign that you are afraid of an undefined danger. Subconsciously, you want to protect yourself against it now.

When in a dream you get them from someone, it means that someone wants to help you. Don’t be afraid to trust this person.

A dream about damaged rubber boots is a sign that some external threat may appear in your life.

Wet galoshes herald health problems.

Wellington boots dream dictionary

Mystical dream interpretation:

Rain boots symbolize cloudy and sad days in our lives.

When you wear them in your life, it’s a sign that an awkward time is ahead. You will be sad and depressed about something.

Colorful galoshes tell you the success of your plans, despite the initial difficulties.

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