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Weapon dream interpretation

Weapon :


Weapon_bronAlmost only sexual meaning; the use of a gun may be desirable, expected, may also cause fear. Most of the weapons symbolize masculinity.

see: a call for caution, the announcement of an argument

get: you are facing great honors

buy: a conflict with the law

have: you are tired and upset, you should take a vacation and relax

keep: you will be the object of intrigue

hear the clang of a weapon: you feel some threat; think, whether you really have something to fear about, or is it just your imagination?

destroyed or useless: you are trying to defend against the difficulties and adversities of life for nothing

practice with a weapon: your efforts will be appreciated; a reward awaits you

polish the gun: in the nearest future a lot of nice things will happen

see people with guns: there are difficulties ahead of you

cold steel (e.g.. sword): in men a symbol of aggressive sexuality, while in women anxiety, fear of sexuality, and longing for a caring man

firearm: approaching troubles; if you hear a message in a dream about a firearm, someone from your family will fall ill


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