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Water :

Water is the most important element on our planet. It is in the seas, oceans, rain and puddles that form during a downpour. In the soil and in every living organism. Without water, we would not be alone, because most of our bodies are made of it.

Dream interpretation water

Therefore, water is probably one of the oldest archetypes and symbols known to mankind. Our ancestors hopefully waited for her in the months of drought and, fearing heavy rains, sought shelter. It symbolized both life and death for them.

Water can also symbolize peace and harmony, but also the turbulent depths of our lives. However, it is always a life-giving force to be reckoned with. It digs out rocks, changes states of aggregation, takes the shape of vessels into which it was poured.

It falls to the surface of our earth and nourishes our crops, then literally and figuratively evaporates from it. It can be cold, pleasantly warm, or even burn our bodies. The symbolism of water is as great as its nature is elusive. So what does the dream book tell us about it?

water dream dictionary

See the water

The water in dreams will always refer to the world of our emotions and how we deal with our feelings. Pure and calm will mean life harmony, inner balance and peace of mind. Dirty and agitated, it will symbolize those emotions that are difficult for us to deal with.

It can also refer to crying tears. Yet they also appear so often in the joyful moments of our lives! It is therefore necessary to check what the dream book tells us about different types of water. The meaning of dream can change with its smallest details.

Clear water

Clear, crystalline and clean water is associated with life, health and refreshment. It is also a symbol of inner, mental balance and harmony with the world around us. In a dream, it can refer to your current life situation or herald the coming time of peace.

A lot of success is waiting for you in the spheres of life that are important to you. A period of peace, acceptance and reconciliation is coming. A creative time in which you can develop yourself, your passions and interests. Time to make all your dreams come true. Immerse yourself in clean water and it will help you effectively solve all your problems.

Dirty, cloudy water

Dirty water in the dream book is a symbol of problems that must be faced. As well as a reference to your emotional state and inner experiences. It can mean low self-esteem and insufficient self-confidence.

Something that poisons your thoughts and feelings. And also those parts of your life that you find dirty, unclean and unworthy. However, pay attention to what you do in your dream with this water. Do you drink it or take a bath in it? Or are you pouring out or just looking at her? These elements can influence the final interpretation and bring you closer to the meaning of the dream.

Water in the house

The water that has entered your home may not be a good experience in real life. Yet dreams can be perverse. Such a dream may mean that in your life there will be a time of compromise between household chores and work.

You will find peace and harmony and reconcile with yourself what so far seemed difficult to reconcile. You will be appreciated by both your co-workers and boss, as well as your loved ones. Inner harmony, on the other hand, will help you achieve new goals, climb the career ladder and provide your loved ones with a good life and a sense of security.

water in dream


In the dream book, the lake refers to your subconscious, as well as the collective subconscious. It is an ancient knowledge of symbols and archetypes that we inherited from our ancestors and that are embedded in the consciousness of all cultures and communities around the world. The lake therefore symbolizes the abyss in which all other archetypes are bathed.

When you see them in your dream, the dream book foretells you a time of peace, immersion in the depths of your own unconscious and the introspection needed by each of us. Seeing a lake can also refer to your fear of losing yourself and your unique personality.


The sea, although static and unchanging at first glance, always stuck in the same place, in dreams means changes to come. Dream interpretation suggests taking a good look at it. Do you see low tide or high tide? After all, every change is associated not only with the arrival of the new, but also with the loss of what has already been.

Is the water in the sea calm or rough? After it, you will know whether you are in for a period of peace and inner harmony, or perhaps life storms, during which you will fight the incoming waves. You will only win by willpower, perseverance and steadfastness. See more – the meaning of the sea dream


When a river appears on your way in a dream, it can represent obstacles in life that you will have to face while awake. However, the meaning of dream can be very different depending on the rest of the details and the context in which you are observing this river.

When you see a bridge on it, it can symbolize past events that keep you from moving confidently. The sight of a rushing river, on the other hand, may foretell you a new, fiery relationship, or upcoming troubles and misunderstandings with your co-workers.


Although we instinctively associate a flood with a destructive force, the dream book presents it to us as an image of energy released. It is a symbol of emotions that you have suppressed for a long time and that have not been released from your head and heart.

You feel overwhelmed by their excess, but the time is approaching when you will free yourself from their destructive power and be able to fully express yourself. Just be careful not to be overwhelmed by negative emotions and fear of what will come after the flood. You will have to deal with the destruction, but your willpower will allow you to survive this difficult time.

Tap water

Water running or dripping from the tap indicates upcoming conversations. They can relate to your family life and your relationship situation, or they can relate to your professional life. The meaning of dream will depend on how much water pours out of the tap and whether you can easily stop it.

The upcoming time of negotiating and discussing with other people can prove very fruitful for you and bring you many benefits. You just need to know when to turn off the tap. Expectations that are too high on your part may result in a failure. Also, think about the temperature of the water in your dream. Hot can signify trouble controlling your emotions and sudden outbursts of anger. Cold, on the other hand, symbolizes someone’s coldness and emotional inaccessibility.

water dream meaning

Pool water

The dream in which the pool appears symbolizes the spiritual and mystical part of our life. Just like dreams in which we observe the lake. The water in the pool is a symbol of the subconscious, hidden desires and yet unaware needs. So if you are standing on its shore, the dream interpretation suggests that you may still be afraid of being immersed in what seems to be a mystery.

You are afraid of confronting your inner demons or for other reasons you are not ready to fulfill your destiny. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your life and dare to plunge into the pool water. Even if it seems dirty and cloudy, it can open up new perspectives for you and show what has been hidden under its surface so far.

Holy water

Holy water is a symbol of rebirth, washing away sins and offenses, cleansing from impure thoughts. When you see her in your dream, the dream interpretation suggests that you are striving for ideals and spiritual enlightenment. It is also possible that you are feeling guilty and looking for redemption.

So take a close look at the rest of the details of the dream. The meaning of dream will change with them. Do you take a bath in this water? Are you drinking it? Or are you just observing from a distance or are you afraid to come closer to it? If you dare to drink it, the worries that torment you and the accompanying anxiety will be forgotten, and you will finally understand the purpose of your existence.

Water is dripping from the ceiling

The water dripping from the ceiling is a sign of impending challenges in your life. Something is trying to break through the hard shell of your subconscious mind, which is symbolized in a dream by the roof of the house. Something that you tried not to think about before, or that you completely missed and missed it. But don’t be afraid.

The dream book advises you to stay calm. Listen to your own intuition and you will surely find the best solution. Hard work will bring the results you want, but you need to be fully committed to it. You can quickly block the water and stop it from entering your home, or let it change your life.

This dream often appears in people who feel threatened among their loved ones and want to free themselves from toxic relationships.

Bath water

A bathtub full of water can make all sorts of meanings. The dream interpretation warns against upcoming and unplanned expenses, as well as professional and financial problems. Start saving now and think about how to allocate your savings. Don’t waste your time, because the water may overflow at any moment and expose you to additional costs.

Clearly define your goals, prioritize and stick to the rules once set. Give up extravagance and frivolous whims. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about impending difficulties and you will easily overcome them. Also look around you while you are awake.

It is possible that someone is trying to cheat you and deprive you of what you have worked hard for.

Water in the meadow

The meaning of a dream in which you observe a flooded meadow will vary greatly. The meadow itself can symbolize your life space. A place of relaxation, harmony and life-giving strength from the very heart of nature. Covered with clean water, it can symbolize the upcoming changes for the better.

Moments of heavy but harmless rains are approaching, bringing new energy to your life and allowing new plans and dreams to flourish in it. However, dirty water can be a harbinger of problems. Someone or something will disturb your current peace of mind. Or maybe you yourself will destroy the law and order in the meadow?

water dream

Water in the basement

The cellars symbolize the unknowns and complexities hidden deep in our subconscious. So when the cellar is flooded with water in a dream, its symbolism becomes even doubled. It is a sign that you are hiding some secrets from the world and even yourself. You are afraid of the consequences of their coming to the surface.

You don’t want anything to see the light of day. Take a look around this stuffy, damp basement and ask yourself if it’s worth staying there. Living in hiding is really just existence.

It cannot last forever and will not bring you any satisfaction. The dream book also recommends you to be very careful in contacts with other people. Some people do not wish you well and would like to “sink” your plans or achievements so far.

Mineral water in a bottle

Spring or mineral water is a symbol of true purity and vitality. It can change your life for the better and improve your health. So the dream interpretation asks what you will do with it.

Will you drink it and let it run or just put it in a bottle? There are great opportunities ahead of you and opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of them. You have to dare and take up the challenge of life, and everything will turn out the way you want it to. But don’t wait for a miracle. You have to take action yourself and decide to take a sip of this water.

If, on the other hand, you can see a bottle with only a small amount of water in it, you are exhausted internally. You have no more strength, you are dehydrated, your health is deteriorating and you want to give up. So quickly look for a new source of energy and everything will be back to normal.

Melt in water

The dream in which we drown in water is very common. For most people, this is a nightmare from which they would like to wake up as soon as possible. It presents a common fear in us of being unable to catch our breath and of dying. So such a dream implies that you are afraid of something while you are awake.

You are at a crossroads in life and you do not know which path to take or how to get out of the trap you are in. You are choking in your life so far, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. You have to hurry up and take matters into your own hands.

If you don’t do this and let yourself be paralyzed by your own fears, you will disappear into the depths of what you fear so much. Instead of making your own decisions, you are giving the reins to other people or external circumstances.

Deep water

The depths of water hide many secrets from us. They can fascinate and frighten at the same time. What are you doing in your dream? Are you observing deep depths, or maybe you’ve decided to plunge into them and discover their secrets with interest? The meaning of dream will change with your emotions.

If, despite unfavorable circumstances, you feel calm and relaxed in your dream, the dream book will tell you a happy time. You are the person who can handle anything under almost any circumstances.

You will adapt perfectly to what your fate will bring you and you will come out of it unscathed. No matter how deep the water you are thrown.

Flooded flat, house

A flooded apartment is a nightmare not only in dreams. The meaning of dream is different than that of water at home. Flooding is associated with damage, material losses, and sometimes even life-threatening. So be careful. The dream interpretation recommends that you secure your savings well and start managing them better.

It is also a warning against misplacing your feelings. Someone you trusted can destroy your inner peace, and the existing harmony of the hearth can turn into a fight with the element.

Water from the washing machine

The washing machine is a symbol of inner cleansing, washing away past sins and starting a new life. Items washed in it can regain their former splendor and enjoy us again with freshness. So what is the meaning of dreaming about washing machine water?

The dream interpretation suggests that such water can illustrate everything from which you should purify yourself. So look at it carefully. All your flaws and imperfections that you want or should fight against can be reflected on its surface.

Water with blood, blood in water

When you see blood on the surface of the water, such a dream may refer to your façade, a false image of yourself and what you are trying to show to the people around you. In this dream, the carnal is mixed with the spiritual and emotional.

It is possible that you lack internal integration, you cannot yet reconcile some aspects of your personality with yourself. But don’t worry. There is time for everything. There are many challenges ahead of you and a time of uncertainty, but this is the natural course of things. In time, you will see a light in the tunnel and stop hiding behind an idealized image of yourself.

Water in containers

In the dream book, jugs and water bottles symbolize your personality. Your character traits, future plans and a whole set of skills that you can develop in yourself. So what exactly do you see in your dream? Are the canisters full or only partially filled with water? Do you use this water?

Or are you just watching her? To fully develop and self-realize, you need to unscrew them. No matter what you do with the water alone. It is important that you finally see your possibilities. When the water runs out, you can refill the canisters. You are a collection of endless possibilities and you can develop regardless of your age or point in your life.

Water under the house

The meaning of dream will depend on many factors. The home usually symbolizes a safe haven and relationships with loved ones. In some cases, however, it can be a symbol of toxic relationships and a sense of imprisonment. So do you dream about your home and do you really associate it with a sense of security?

The water that collects in front of the house may foretell you about upcoming changes. New opportunities and new people who will come to your life. But it can also signal upcoming dangers and problems that await you. Maybe you have been a prisoner in your own home for a long time and you are just waiting for the flood that will free you from it?

Water from the wall

The walls symbolize our borders. Those that we have established ourselves and those that life imposes on us. So when you see the water pouring down on them, it may mean that your life so far will change soon. Perhaps someone is trying to force you to behave and want to change who you are.

You let yourself be used by others and you cannot set your own safe limits. So be on your guard and defend what you believe. The dream interpretation suggests, however, that maybe you yourself dream about tearing down the walls that seem to limit your self-development. Which interpretation is closer to your current life situation?

Water from the pipe

The pipes can symbolize the direction in which life is headed. Water flowing freely in them is a symbol of life forces moving in a specific direction and having their purpose. But what about the meaning of the dream where the pipe breaks and leaks?

Something has happened in your life that has upset your sense of stability and inner harmony. The dream interpretation warns that such a dream may also herald the deterioration of your health, the appearance of unforeseen obstacles and loss of mental energy. You may feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

So it’s time to repair the pipe and get your internal energy back on track. This dream is also a symbol of your conflicting feelings that would like to take a new path in life.

Swim in the water

The meaning of the dream in which you or someone else is swimming in the water changes with the rest of the dream’s circumstances. Is the water clean and do you associate swimming with relaxation and rest?

Or maybe dirty, cloudy and restless, with underwater monsters and other dangers lurking in its depths, and you must fight for survival yourself? The dream interpretation interprets swimming in a river or lake as impending trouble. Calm waters can be a dream come true, turbulent waves can foretell life obstacles.

Other meanings of dream : water

Rushing water: portends a turbulent time in life, filled with worries and nerves.

Hot water: disease.

Walking on the water: a dangerous element has been defeated, it means safety during sea voyages, heralds the upcoming prosperity and happiness in marriage.

Drinking water: drinking cold water is auspicious omen, it means living in harmony with the needs of your own body and soul. Drinking warm water can be a sign of illness or a poor lifestyle.

The humming of the water: the return of the traveler.

Frozen water: Dryness, coldness, rigid rules and rationalism keep you from enjoying your feelings.

When in a dream you fall into water, suffering, trouble.

When the water is boiling, it symbolizes the dreamer’s hot disposition. Dream also warns against quarrels.

If you spill water, you are wrong on a point. In this case, the dream book warns against mistakes and hasty decisions.

When you dream of green water, heartbreak.

Water surface

Calm, smooth: carefree days and nights.

Restless, undulating: the troubles of everyday life.

Look at yourself in it: you will deceive yourself in some matter.

To see the reflection of objects in it: illusions or disappointment.

Be afraid of water: If this theme appears in your dream, it means that you are nervous.

The meaning of water dream

  • Pure water: balance, harmony, impending success, happiness and love.
  • Dirty, cloudy water: lack of self-confidence
  • Water in the house: you can reach a compromise between work and family.
  • Lake: a time of peace
  • The sea: changes to come
  • River: obstacles in life
  • Flood: you will free yourself from bad emotions
  • Tap water: talking seriously and making important decisions
  • Pool water: new perspectives
  • Holy water: you strive for ideals
  • Water dripping from the ceiling: upcoming challenges
  • Bath water: unplanned expenses
  • Water in the meadow: the upcoming changes for the better
  • Water in the basement: you are hiding a secret
  • Bottled mineral water: life change for the better
  • Melt in water: an important decision before you
  • Deep water: a happy time
  • Flooded flat, house: material losses
  • Washing machine water: a new stage in life
  • Water with blood, blood in water: many challenges and a time of uncertainty
  • Water in jugs: appreciate your abilities
  • Water under the house: toxic compounds and a sense of imprisonment
  • Water from the wall: life will change
  • Water from the pipe: deterioration of health
  • Swim in the water: a dream come true

A dream about water

Water is one of the most common dream symbols and it can appear in our dreams in various situations and contexts.

For example, we can dream that we are swimming in the sea, in a lake, we are crossing a river in a boat, we are surfing, but we can also drown …

In another version of the dream with a water theme, a flood may appear, flooding our belongings or captivating us or our loved ones …

How to interpret dreams about water?

Dreams about water are very often triggered by our physiology – we simply have a full bladder and it would be worth going to the toilet as soon as possible, or we are thirsty.

In turn, dreams in which water is dangerous, incl. dreams of a flood can be our reaction to stress or an expression of our hydrophobia, i.e. fear of swimming or deep water reservoirs.

Water is a very clear dream symbol, connected with emotions and desires that we often hide, often with those we are not aware of.

Deep water reservoirs, especially seas and oceans, hide amazing secrets, fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

It is generally accepted that dreams about water are a blessing – resting by the sea or the ocean can be a harbinger of new opportunities that may open up before us, even drowning can have a positive message – here, most likely, we will have to work hard, which will be crowned with amazing success.

It is worth considering the quality of water in our dreams, as it can be a clue to hidden emotions. Clean, crystalline means creativity, a time of development, acceptance and high self-esteem, while dirty can bring problems and troubles that will have to be faced.

Falling into the water can mean unexpected changes, and the fear of water that appears in a dream, but not due to trauma, can be associated with unstable emotions or a fear of knowing the truth about yourself and fear of self-acceptance.

How would a dream about water interpret Freud?

For Freud, dreams in which water appears symbolized a return to fetal life as well as early childhood. They could also – when the water became dangerous – indicate anxiety about sexual intercourse and suppress irritable thoughts about wetting.

How would a dream about water interpret Jung?

Jung believed that water refers to female energy and is related to the unconscious. Bodies of water, especially vast ones such as the sea or the ocean, in his interpretation are symbols of the collective unconscious. Men who are afraid of water in real life may also subconsciously feel fear of women or of their emotional side.

Water reflects the state of your soul. Water is the oldest symbol, its concrete importance stems results from the circumstances, among which the most important are the following variants:

  • clean water: symbolizes the state of mental balance, harmony, approaching success, happiness and love
  • turbid, dirty water: it expresses bad phenomenon in our psyche, often related to a lack of confidence, materialistic approach to the life, ignorance of yourself or character features and thoughts that we think are dirty
  • see clear: the welfare and benefits
  • agitated water: it promises turbulent period in your life, filled with worries and nerves
  • own or someone else’s reflection in the mirror of water: a warning against succumbing to illusions
  • spouting water: a symbol ejaculation in men
  • hot water: a disease
  • walking on water: a dangerous element was defeated, it means safety during sea voyages, heralds the coming prosperity and happiness in marriage
  • drinking water: drinking cold water is auspicious omen, means living in harmony with the needs of your body and soul Drinking hot water can be a sign of illness or poor lifestyle.
  • swim in the river, lake: danger
  • a dream that a river of pure water comes into a house: an appearance of a rich man
  • a dream that the river flows out of the house: the dreamer is a commanding person and will rule others
  • a small lake: resourceful wife, wishing love
  • the sound of water: the return of the traveler
  • holy water: it symbolizes the desire for perfection and spiritual values; it sometimes means that we want to wash away the guilt, and get out of the crisis cleansed.
  • soda: despite the hard work and effort you’ll be happy
  • frozen water: dryness, coldness, rigid rules and rationalism will not allow you to enjoy the  feeling
  • calm, smooth: carefree days and nights
  • restless, waving: problems of everyday life
  • look at yourself in the water: you will deceive yourself in some matter
  • see a reflection of items: delusions or disappointments
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