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Tree :

Tree_drzewoTree – physiological axis, which is the backbone with the spinal cord together with the nervous system; if the tree is seen lush and flourishing it suggests the improvement of your existence or recovery. However, the most often, it is a symbol of potency.

see flourishing: great happiness

pluck the fruits: adventure

climb on it and sit at the top: you will achieve stabilization

fall down of a tree: you will become the object of scorn and mockery

run dry: the defeat and worries

shake it: happiness

laden with fruit: good prospects for the future

sit under it: good news

inclined: you are tired, you work too much, you need to rest

burning: huge loss

dry: failures

shake: happiness

carry: you will be poor

buy: troubles

fruit tree: you have faithful friends around you

green: pleasant moments

sit by the tree: honors

sit on a tree: failures in business

a palm tree: your plan will not succeed

cut trees: material losses, lost hope or even death

sit under it: good news

sell tree: tax difficulties

chop wood: you will lose a fortune

gather wood in the forest: repeated widowhood

carry tree: troubles and worries

remove the bark from a tree: a failure

burn tree: mourning

a tree floating in the water: your hopes will be thwarted

apalm tree: your plans will not be realized

cut down the palm trees: you will be disappointed with your friends

see a lonely tree: the state of physical and mental balance, which is always inseparable in a dream

tree, which deteriorates: the beginning of an illness or neurosis; the threat of serious troubles, that will cause weakness; aging

atree without leaves: broken branches may mean the risk of accidents

a harmonious tree spreading its leaves: a dream that haunts people practicing yoga or judo, it symbolizes the dreamer’s mental state, that is the perfect internal balance

sick or wormy leaves: skin diseases

plant a tree: to beget something; be pregnant, etc., it is about creating a new “physiological axis”

see woodcutters removing a dead tree: the death of a very old, crippled or diseased person, or the failure of certain plans

if the woodcutters cut down a green tree: the death of person enjoying good health, a young person; or failure of the project promising success.

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