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Stone Dream Dictionary


Stone dream interpretation

Stone :

stone_kamiensee: you will have to deal with a stubborn person

small pebbles: minor unpleasantness

huge stones: the loss of something important

a stone lying on the road: a difficult obstacle to overcome

carry stones: hard work

throw it: you will be upset by someone’s stubbornness

someone throws stones at you: you will become stubborn

be stoned to death: you feel pricks of conscience due to your bad behavior

collect gems: expect an inheritance

walk on the stones: concerns

see an landslide: a disease in the family

grind them down: your will force through your will

aprecious stone: you will get a gift

a milestone: do not borrow your money, you have your own problems; do not listen to rumors

a border stone: health problems

a millstone: a larger family

a cornerstone: you patiently pursue a defined goal

a cobblestone: cheerful fun

a pile of stones: do not put off your plans for later

to hew stones: an award

build something with stones: your plans will succeed and will bring profits

buildings made of stones: good and stable future before you

beautiful, extraordinary stone: you will develop your talents and you will have a lot of energy

a black stone: bad luck

a blue stone: good health, you will reach an old age

a white stone: you are on a winning streak.



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