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Sorrel dream interpretation

Sorrel :

Sorrel appears in dreams for a reason. It is a specific warning for the sleeper and announces the coming suffering and pain.

It also bodes financial difficulties resulting from the excessive extravagance of the sleeper who spends more than he earns.

sorrel dream dictionary

Dream meaning sorrel

The sorrel dream is interpreted differently depending on the context. Dreams about similar edible plants, such as cabbage, have a similar meaning.

If they are on the table, they portend financial problems.

And when they are placed in some other part of the house (the symbol of the human body in a dream), they mean some discomfort or ailment, depending on the connection, of course.

Eating sorrel in a dream is sometimes a harbinger of financial stability and favorable opportunities.

Eat sorrel: the end of the engagement.

Make sorrel soup: good health.

sorrel soup dream
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