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Somersault dream interpretation

Somersault :

Somersault is a tricky acrobatic figure that is not easy to do. The difficulties he associates with are also found in interpreting somersaults as a motive in a dream.

Dream meaning somersault

When there is a somersault in dreams, you should not count on good fortune, fortune will turn away from you, and things will not go well without your intervention.

When you do a somersault in a dream, it means that you are in for pleasures.

Dream meaning somersault

If you try to do a somersault but it doesn’t work out for you, it’s a sign that success will not come easily, but will be hard. They will cost a lot of effort.

When in a dream you see someone doing a somersault, it bodes you failure or defeat.

Multiple somersaults (double, triple) signals family problems and tensions between loved ones. It is possible that one of them will throw you off balance, but don’t get too nervous, try to stay calm.

A man who performs a somersault is a symbol of declining career prospects.

A woman performing a somersault bodes health problems.

What does it mean to dream about somersault?

What does it mean to dream about somersault?

  • you are trying to do it: do not count for an accidental happiness
  • do a somersault: cheerful events
  • see someone doing somersault: you will suffer a defeat
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