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Shirt :

Shirt_koszulaA shirt in the erotic sense symbolizes a restless sleep; also a fear or a desire not to be unmask.

wear silky: financial troubles

to wear a dirty shirt: carelessness or dissipation of morals

a torn shirt: protection against manifestation of hostility

to put on: you will have to share something with someone

to take off: bitter disappointment

look for: bad romance

to wash: bad company

to iron: you will have a new friend

sew: happy moments

see many at the same time: a marriage or friendship soon

to change: you will change a lover for someone different

to dress someone: someone close to you will end your friendship

to run in a shirt: lucky in love

broken earrings: rumors about you

white: peaceful time

colourful: a huge change in your life

a striped shirt: a warning against insincere friend

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