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Shave dream interpretation

Shave :

shave_golicyourself: you will pay a fine or fix damage

be shaved by someone: you will be cheated or deceived

shave yourself with a dull razor: your friends will rightly criticize you

see a shaving person: someone will make amends for your harm, or the debtor will return the borrowed money

watch as someone is being shaved by someone: a warning not to engage into shady deals, do not accept ambiguous proposals, stay away from doggy business

shave a woman in dreams: the dream warns against bad conduct

Shaving warns us against someone else’s fraud or misrepresentation. If we are being shaved, it refers to our life; if someone else is shaved, it suggests that we should give up the intention of fraud. If someone dreams of shaving the entire head, it is a bad sign. It promises the same as baldness, or even worse: horrible misfortunes will come suddenly.

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