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Rope Dream Dictionary


Rope dream interpretation

Rope :

Rope_linaA dream expressing anxiety, caused by the strong sexual dependency.

see: a relationship with another man

walk the tightrope: the risk that you take, will be profitable

stretch or tie something: futile efforts to create a bond with a person or thing

untie it: you will have a friend due to your tolerance

cut it: you will cope with problems

be bound by a rope: you will be lost in your emotions

drop it out of the window: you will get success, but in a fraudulent manner

climb the rope: the path you have chosen is not appropriate

go down the line: the apparent happiness

see someone coming down the line: trust others, and you will manage to achieve success

jump over the rope: by your selfishness you are not well-liked, try to change

tread the line: you not always treat others well

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