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Road dream interpretation

Road :

Road_drogaIn the long distance perspective, it means the long journey, travel, escape.

see a straight way before you: soon everything will work out according to your ideas and wishes

go to nowhere: you arrived to the dead end, you do not know what to decide

go along a beautiful road: a great time of your life.

follow the path up: a stroke of luck, serendipity

go down the road: an unexpected meeting

go along arduous, difficult road: unpleasant memories of the past

a long way: a life, which unfortunately is not without problems

a wide road: happiness

a narrow way: a huge fortune

bumpy road: new interests, which will bring profits in the future

a steep road: you will badly invest your cash

see crooked: you will achieve your goal indirectly

a road sign: you are on the wrong course

acountry road: going abroad, the need to change the environment

go along a forest path: your relationship is stable and will give you peace of mind

see the person marching along a road with a suitcase: from left to right – big changes for the dreamer; if this man goes from right to left, or from the front, in the near future you may expect a guest coming from afar, who will stop here for a long time

see the person arriving without luggage: a short visit

see yourself standing at the beginning of the road or flying above it: the end of the period of stagnation, the rapid development of events will happen

crossing roads: unexpected close encounter

parallel roads: the expected meeting is not going to happen

no way out: futile efforts.

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