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Ram dream interpretation

Ram :

ram_baranThis means masculinity, stamina and strength, as well as the future filled with success, prosperity and happiness. A ram is also your vitality, determination and persistence in pursuit to achieve the goal.

be a ram: you have a problem and you hit your head at the wall, you are too nervous to think logically, try to calm down and think about the best solution

blubbering ram: senseless arguments that will expose you to humiliation

grazing ram: you can always count on a helping hand of influential friends

a flock of sheep: a good financial situation, wealth

run away from the ram: beware, here comes some risk

be attacked by a ram: you are dealing with a stubborn person, with whom you cannot communicate A ram (“krios” in Greek) symbolizes the master, ruler, king, and this for two reasons: First, formerly the word “kriein” meant to rule, and secondly the ram is the leader of the flock. It is good to dream that you go on it safely and across flat ground. A dream is auspicious especially for scholars and for those who want to get rich quickly.


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