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Pregnancy dream interpretation

Pregnancy :

pregnancy_ciazaPregnancy in a dream symbolizes new plans and hopes, which will be finally realized in the future. As an intuitive feeling, this symbol is often subjected to the self-censorship and is rarely expressed in simple, easy pictures; certain images often relate to the state of pregnancy: the ball (rarely in this sense), egg, yellow water lily (growing in the water as the fetus), treasure in the basement (a child is a treasure hidden in the womb), bush that is planted by someone, rain (abundance symbol), swollen breasts, a tunnel, a horse.

a woman dreaming that is pregnant: you must expect from life something new, your dreams will come true

have a difficult pregnancy: you cannot cope with some problems, you need your friends’ support

see a pregnant woman : material happiness

a woman dreaming that she is giving birth to the fish: the child will be live for a short time, or will be born dead

a woman dreaming, that she is giving birth to the eagle: she will have a strong and imperious son.

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