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Pigeon dream interpretation

Pigeon :

pigeon_golabIt is only seemingly mild and gentle sign; it is a symbol of sexual intercourse.

hear the cooing: you will get a piece of advice and better listen to it; also the connection of lovers

see sitting or flying: an acquaintance with serious people who will welcome you warmly as a guest

feed: you should try to give a lot of pleasure to your highly positioned friends, because they can appreciate it

scare them, catch, kill or eat: you will lose an important person’s favour because of your fault

shoot pigeons: your colleagues rightly accuse you of cheating

see flying in the air: friendship with influential people will allow you to make new profitable contacts

see two pecking one another: happy love or friendship is waiting for you

see a pair of pigeons: a successful relationship, happy love

see many at the same time: family bliss

a wounded pigeon: you suppress your emotional needs

dead: troubles and worries

a white dove: it bodes good future, so you can be calm

a pigeons dealer: funny times are coming

dovecote: profits, benefits, perks

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