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Photo :

Photo_fotografiasee your own: an admonition of getting to know yourself better and to correct your own mistakes

look at photos: you are trying to understand your past, remember that every event, including every mistake, teaches us something, and nothing, that happens to us is not meaningless

a photo of your friend: lasting and happy relationship with this person

of someone strange: it heralds a new, important acquaintance

get photos from someone: dishonest people are close to you

take o photo of someone: a danger of parting with the photographed person; if you do not know this person – a harbinger of a new, but short-term acquaintance

to photograph yourself: a long life

tear photographs: you cannot resign oneself to your past, and to forgive the people who hurt you; learn the art of forgiveness, thanks to it, you will regain peace and you will be able to continue to live in harmony with yourself and others

paste photos to the album: a lot of burdensome administrative matters await you


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