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Number :

Number_liczbaA dream of happiness, which can be fulfilled. You have to remember these numbers and bet on them during the game, for example: at the lottery.

see big numbers: a good sign

see small numbers: an uncertain future

the meaning of numbers

one: the strength, the mind, the beginning of a new life, new goals and opportunities

two: care, harmony, motherhood, partnership

three: the change, development, birth of a child

four: patience, work, perseverance, desire for stability, spiritual transformation

five: the symbol of the five senses; changes, new possibilities

six: beauty, harmony, conjugal love, the warmth of hearth and home; a man and a woman

seven: magic, soul, higher values

eight: eternity, infinity, the power of healing

nine: the fulfillment, spiritual development

zero: abyss, emptiness, hidden potential

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