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Nose dream interpretation

Nose :

It expresses the problem of potency, usually sexual; at the same time a symptom of possible brain disease or its irritation.

  • see enormously large, conspicuous: it is a warning that you should not meddle in other people’s business
  • have a large nose: while realizing your plans or doing some work do not allow other to detract you
  • have a small nose: someone will make you upset
  • have a flattened nose: family quarrels
  • have a red nose: think about your health
  • not being able to breathe: obstacles and difficulties in some intended plan
  • be struck in the nose: you wrongly accuse someone
  • a broken nose: a quarrel with friends
  • bleed from the nose: damage to your property
  • lose the nose: divorce or separation

The dream about a beautiful and shapely nose is good for everyone. It bodes a great intuition, and forethought in your cases. In contrast, a dream that you do not have a nose, symbolizes the lack of sense, as well as hatred toward higher-positioned people; for the sick – the risk of death.

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