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Newspaper dream interpretation

Newspaper :

newspaper_gazetaYou are afraid, that a secret that you’d rather keep to yourself will be revealed. It can also be a symbol of new products, that you should pay attention to; you can expect important news, that will affect directly or indirectly your person. A newspaper can also be a warning, that the dreamer will be on everyone’s tongue. The dreamer does not pay much attention to what is happening around, and it may turn against him. The newspaper often appears in the dreams of people who do not participate in the voting. It is a sign expressing the lack of communication skills, that should be overcome.

see it or read: you will find yourself in a difficult situation, because everyone around you will represent a different point of view

buy a newspaper: be careful of con men

go through: you are afraid, that your secret will be revealed

print a newspaper: an interesting trip

old newspapers: focus on really important matters

tear newspaper: someone will invite you for holidays.


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