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Mud dream interpretation

Mud :

mud_blotoIt symbolizes cravings, desires and huge financial aspirations which we often consider as impure. There appears a fear against the loss of control and turning aside from the right way. The mud means, that we will overcome psychological problems caused by some hidden information. This sign in a dream often symbolizes a coming scandal, proposition, suggestion that will change the dreamer’s way of thinking. However, the mud is also a manure. It is possible, that this negative moment in your life, which is the source of misfortune, will turn into good fate, but only when the dreamer will manage to transform the mud into manure – get back good reputation. When it will happen, the mud will transform into liquid, then it will dry off and initiate the full bloom.

see: happiness

step in the mud: overcoming poverty and wealth

be dragged through the mud: your enemies will spread slanders about you

smear with mud: illness

sink into the mud: difficult moments await you, but with a small effort, you will manage to cope with them


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