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Moon :

Moon_ ksiezycin men: activation of the feminine; a woman with a male character dreams about a moon when their psyche is trying to achieve a balance

see: a symptom of variations or changes

see bright and clean: variables happiness, variable benefits

a moon with halo: a relationship with a bad man

see, hiding behind the clouds: some dreary hours will come

wandering across the sky, and consequently falling: you will be in a great danger

full, bright and clean: a great honour, distinction, reaching the lofty goal

a full moon with halo: a loss of authority or destruction of hope

growing, clean and bright: it announces the successful completion of the project

growing, but with halo: the goal will be achieved only after overcoming great obstacles and difficulties

declining, but clean and bright: the failed venture, which in addition will bring you losses

shrinking, a moon with halo: bad ending of the project will entail inauspicious turn of private life

see its reflection in the surface of the water: if the water surface is smooth and quiet – beautiful, fruitful journey; if the water waves – your own journey or of a loved one will be inauspicious, and even can bring misfortune.    Moon (Selene) is a wife, mother, daughter or sister of the dreamer.   It announces money and great opportunities. If in the dream you see your own face: for the childless man, it bodes a son, and for the woman, a daughter. It is also beneficial for people dealing with business.

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