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Monkey dream interpretation

Monkey :

Monkey_malpaThe process of becoming a mature man always encounters some obstacles.

see: you have sycophants around you and you trust them

see dancing: great fun

see on the tree: you desire freedom and liberty, you are fed up with limitations, but you are afraid of people’s opinions

see in the cage: you are afraid of what others will say about you, and you let them to humiliate you

see climbing: good prospects in matters of the heart

see jumping: you cannot talk without nerves with people

see her with its ​​young: someone wants to set you at variance with  friends

see the dead monkey: he will defeat your enemies

kill it: you have a lot of enemies

annoy it: you will distress your friend

feed it: watch out, because your boss is using you

get it from someone: avoid rumors and unverified information

be bitten by it: you will stir things up in enemies’ interests

a herd of monkeys: in your environment there are many people just pretending to be your friends

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