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Marriage dream interpretation

Marriage :

Marriage _malzenstwoIt should be understood in the sexual sense; settling accounts with the existing marriage, or the marriage that you will enter into.

to marry: happiness and perks

see how someone gets married: family and professional happiness

with a widower or a widow: concerns

adultery: the risk of fire

divorce: the loss of freedom

get married with your wife or husband: prosperity, unexpected financial gain

in the family: quarrels and problems

get married with your sister or brother: danger, troubles, quarrels or financial loss

get married with a maiden, or a bachelor: fame, honors

get married with a widower or a widow: damage, or financial losses

see the celebration: joy and happiness

see the wedding guests dressed in black: grief and mourning

an unhappy marriage: grief, illness or death in the family

destroy someone’s marriage: beware of the fire

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