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Lion dream interpretation

Lion :

Lion_lewIt is a symbol of the great and hot valor. You are bursting with energy and vital power.

see: a true friend

see running: some events that will cost you a lot of stress

see it in the wild: you may encounter dangerous opponents

see sleeping: peace and harmony in the family

ride on it: influential person will help you with something

hunt lions: you will get into the very bold venture

hear the roar of a lion: a proposal of a better job

be chasing by a lion: troubles with the boss

be attacked by it: a warning of impending danger

defend against it: you’re smart and observant, so you will avoid unpleasantness

be afraid of it: you will insult an important person and you will have to bear the consequences of your behavior

defeat it: you will render your enemy harmless or even conquer him/her

in a cage: the victory over enemies

see it in captivity: you will manage to hide yourself from the enemy

kill it: you will defeat your enemies

dead: hostile feelings of your opponent are losing their importance

a young lion: a new business that will bring benefits

tame a lion: you will gain success

be the companion of a young lion: you are going to achieve great influence; and you’ll be frightening the people around you

a lioness with cubs: a favorable time to reconcile with the enemy

lion’s skin: wealth

eat a lion: an honorable position


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