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Leg dream interpretation

Leg :

A dream of a sexual nature (like all dreams about the limbs).

  • shapely: you often do something without thinking, which results in various problems
  • unshapely: boring job that does not give you the opportunities to develop
  • have a healthy leg: joy and happiness
  • have an aching leg: loss or damage
  • have amputated legs: friends will turn away from you
  • have dirty: illness
  • have bandy legs: happiness
  • hurt your leg: your efforts will be appreciated
  • burn a leg: a life of misery
  • break a leg: you need to restrain your passions
  • see a broken leg of someone: success in all fields, for example: in sport or during examination
  • a swollen leg: problems at work
  • hairy legs (for women): you will dominate your husband
  • wash your legs: a disease among relatives
  • wash someone’s feet: a journey awaits you
  • kiss someone’s legs: beware of rumors
  • wooden legs: watch out for your partner, because he is dishonest
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