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Ladder dream interpretation

Ladder :

Ladder_drabinaThis means the uncertainty of success and good luck or bad luck. It often suggests an opportunity to the slow, but consistent promotion.

see it lying or put away: you must not miss the approaching opportunity

see standing: beware of thefts

carry it: find a way out of a difficult situation, and maybe you will help someone in troubles; also you will be the author of your own or someone else’s success

see a man carrying a ladder: there is a threat, that someone will prevent you from using an important chance in life

pass under it: watch out for thieves

stand at the top: prosperity

lean the ladder against the wall: you have some mysterious intentions, plans

leaned against the wall: you may get something stolen or be deceived

climb over it: success, honor and prosperity

go down: failures, loss

fall down: you can experience a blow and a mental break down, it suggests being more cautious

see how the leaned against the window ladder fall down: you will manage to protect yourself against serious losses

swaying or damaged: abandon your planned case, otherwise, you will incur expenses and damage, which will shatter your plans

try to use a damaged one or unstable: a harbinger of unfortunate undertaking

a rack wagon: if it is charged, it means prosperity.

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