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King :

King_krolThe desire to take the leading position, as the managerial position or get rid of a sense of inferiority, being undervalued.

see: good business and consequently wealth

be him: you are overestimating your abilities and capabilities

live at the royal castle: general improvement of living

see monarchs quarreling among themselves: there will be big changes in politics

watch the murder of the king: you can expect a sudden, adverse deterioration of the material situation

an angry king: success in plans

a dying king: a message that will change your life

attend the funeral of the king or queen: the fall

belong to the retinue of the king: the recognition

watch the coronation: happiness

be crowned: in a short time you will reach a big goal.

The king is the archetype of the father. If in a dream you were the king’s liege, probably you suffer from the inferiority complex. If you were a king, you dream about the power, you would like to have control over others. A king seen in a dream may herald the sensitive conscience, and the voice of the king can give you a few tips.

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