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Key :

Key_kluczIt has erotic significance; it enables to get closer to women. The key often indicates a solution to a problem, puzzle or putting an end to some anguish.0 This is an auspicious symbol. It promises the end of fear, a harmony with yourself. The keys are also a symbol of home, hearth and everything associated with it.    

see: it points to a mystery

lose: you cannot explain what you care about

broken: a bad omen

carry a key: by saving money you can reach a lot

have keys always with you: you are a miser

give someone a key to your house: through your inappropriate behavior you risk your good reputation

get from someone a key to his/her house: you are too naive, do not trust people

find abandoned or lost: be careful, because you may waste your plans and intentions

cannot find the lost key: someone will destroy your secret intentions

open something with a key: you will lose the trust of friends

close something with a key: happy and compatible marriage

find someone else’s key: you will catch someone else’s secret

a keyhole: peeping through it is a bad omen, there may be arguments or problems with finances

a bunch of keys: hold it – quickly make a decision

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