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Goat dream interpretation

Goat :

goat_kozaYou will have to deal with a person, who is never satisfied and always sees something wrong, always pick holes.

white: good, effective interest

black: take care of your health

wild: do not be afraid and invest in a business which has just appeared, it will bring you benefits

jumping: prosperity in business

a mountain goat: thanks to the reason and wisdom you will achieve success and wealth

see the whole herd: you will get rich quickly

to milk the goat: you conduct yourself with the utmost propriety; your life consists only of entertainments, it can end badly for you

drink goat’s milk: you will quickly regain health

ride on it: your conduct will meet criticism and resentment of other people

Goats ( “Aiges” in Greek) do not bode well, both white and black. White goats herald lesser evil, while black ones greater danger, especially for those traveling by sea. Goats do not gather in herds, and they live alone on the rocks and cliffs what brings the shepherds a lot of trouble.

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