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Dog :

Dogs are considered wonderful companions in many cultures around the world. Everyone appreciates them for their courage, loyalty and faithfulness.

So let’s take a close look at the quadruped who visits our dreams, because he probably wants to take care of us. Or tell us something about our animal instincts deeply hidden from the world.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. However, the meaning of the dream in which they appear can be very different.

dog dream dictionary

In the dream book, the dog will not always mean loyalty, selfless devotion and friendship. A dog, like wolves, can also symbolize aggression, cruelty and wild, unrestrained instincts.

Very often, the appearance of a dog in a dream can also refer to our friendships and relationships with other people. It is possible that someone watches over us, or we ourselves should take care of someone close to us.

There is certainly someone who needs support and a sense of security. However, we can find many other meanings in the dream book.

See the dog

When you see a dog in a dream, it is a sign that you will have a weakness for someone, that you have feelings for someone

The dog bites

The dream interpretation suggests that the dream of a dog biting us may be a warning against indulging in animal passions. And also a warning against the disloyalty of a loved one.

Look around and consider whether someone, under the guise of friendship, is not trying to hurt you. It is also possible that you are the target of someone else’s gossip.


There is nothing more delightful than seeing little puppies, is there? However, the meaning of dreaming about a puppy goes much deeper.

Such a dream may mean that someone innocent and helpless is waiting for your help. It also symbolizes growing up, gaining new life experiences and knowledge.

However, take a close look at these puppies. Well cared for, clean and full, they bode happiness and success. If they are hungry or sick, they can herald losses.

dog dream meaning

Dog on a leash

The leash itself is a symbol of control and power. Take a close look at the dog you are walking on it. What is his color? What is the race? Is he friendly or aggressive?

Then you will answer the question of what exactly you want or should regain control over.

If, on the other hand, you see a dog being led on a leash by someone else, the dream interpretation suggests that you feel robbed of something.

Aggressive, attacking dog

Aggressive dogs symbolize your fear of being hurt by others. The meaning of dream may also be similar to that of a biting dog. Someone in your life is probably untrustworthy.

A cheerful, joyful dog

What does the dream book about happy and friendly quadrupeds say? Such a dream may mean that you are surrounded by loyal and respectful people. You can also expect to meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time, or get some other good news.

The dog is barking

The meaning of dreaming about a barking dog can be very different. Our four-legged friends often communicate by barking and snarling.

Sometimes it means anger and is a warning. Other times, it’s just an exhortation.

Therefore, in the dream book we can find several possible interpretations. Such a dream may mean that something new is waiting for you in your life. Maybe new professional challenges? Or maybe a quarrel with someone you are close to?

Be sure to pay attention to other elements of the dream that will help you interpret it.

Fighting dogs

The sight of fighting dogs can be frightening. The dream book advises you to take a closer look at this fight. Are they alien dogs?

Or maybe one of them reminds us of someone, or we are even one of them. Anyway, a fight is brewing.

You can try to avoid it or pick up the gauntlet and start preparing to win. The choice is up to you.

Dog and cat

It is said that a dog and a cat will never get along. This is not true, although there are indeed disputes between these species.

So if you see a dog in a dream accompanied by a cat while walking or playing, the dream book has a surprising interpretation for you.

Such a dream augurs unexpected success and happiness. Maybe even winning against someone you see as your enemy or competitor.

If, on the other hand, both pets lie quietly next to each other, you will fail in business. The meaning of this dream is really surprising!

Dog falling from the balcony

A dog that falls from a balcony in a dream symbolizes the fear of colliding with reality. It is possible that you are hiding something from yourself or other people.

Look inside yourself and express what you are feeling. This is the only way you will feel truly free.

dog in dreams

Sick dog

A sick, infirm dog symbolizes our zone of emotions and personality. It is possible that you are under stress, have problems and are exhausted. It’s time to rest and regain a sense of stabilization.

The dream interpretation also warns that a sick dog may herald some mishap or indiscretion that you may commit in the near future.

A dog without a paw

The meaning of dreaming about a lame dog may be multiple. A dog without a paw can symbolize losses that you will incur in the near future. However, it also often means strength and a positive attitude in the face of life’s problems.

So take a closer look at the dog. Is he sad and depressed, or is he happy despite his disability? If you can see he’s doing great, it’s time to follow his example!

A dog hit by a car

The sight of a dog hit by a car can break the heart of even the toughest man. In a dream, it can foretell losses. The material and emotional.

Dog on a chain

Dreaming of a dog on a chain often symbolizes exploitation and cruelty. The dream book, however, suggests one more meaning of dreaming about such a dog.

It may mean an inner desire to be needed by someone else and the need to take care of one’s loved ones. Or quite the opposite.

It could mean that someone is taking advantage of your goodness and you feel yourself being exploited.

Dog in the water

A dog that is submerged or floating in the water means you have time to relax and rest. Such a view also bodes well for relationships and other relationships with loved ones.

A dog biting the hand

In the dream book, a dog biting a hand means betrayal of a loved one. It can symbolize someone unreliable and be a warning against this man.

It’s possible that someone has taken too much control of your life and it’s time to break free from it.

Runaway dog

When your dog runs away in a dream, it could simply mean losing a friend. The dream interpretation also suggests that you are faced with a difficult dilemma regarding relationships with loved ones. Maybe there is still time not to lose them?

The dog is peeing

A dog urinating can mean several things. Pissing on you means losing control of your own life. You are probably too passive and allow other people to get over your head.

If, on the other hand, your dog is peeing on your house in a dream, it is probably an indication that something in your life needs to be let go. Maybe it’s time to find a new way of life?

Dead dog

Seeing a dead dog in a dream can scare you. Especially when it is a dog known to us. It may mean that you have lost your inner peace and joy in life. Or your feelings for someone close to you have burned out.

Playing with the dog

The meaning of the dream in which you play with your dog is quite obvious. It foretells the emergence of faithful and loyal friends in life. These are people who make you feel really safe.

Walking the dog

The dream book suggests that a dream about a walk with a dog augurs success in important spheres of life. It can also mean that deep down you dream of stability.

However, pay attention to whether the dog in the dream is led on a leash or runs slowly. If it is let loose, it is precisely the freedom that may be missing in your life.

Dog kennel

In the dream book, a doghouse, unfortunately, does not bode well for anything good. This is a bad omen and a warning against the fact that you can go to the dogs yourself.

So if you don’t want to find yourself in a bleak situation, you should make a difference in your life now.

Kill the dog

When you kill a dog in your dream, it can make you feel very emotional. Look around you and take a close look at your relationships with others.

Probably some of your relationships are very unhealthy and unstable. Your subconscious may also suggest that in certain life situations you yourself have acted or will behave in a cruel way. If you do not change your behavior, you will soon be punished for them.

A dog from a shelter

The details of this dream determine the meaning of this dream. Do you adopt a dog from a shelter in it? Or are you just watching him behind bars?

The first dream may mean that you dream about the arrival of a loved one in your life. Someone you can always rely on.

On the other hand, a dog in a shelter can symbolize yourself. You may feel abandoned and betrayed. And that you lack a sense of security.

Or is it someone else waiting for you to shake him a friendly hand?

The dog got lost, ran away

If you lost your dog in a dream, the dream suggests that what you actually lost is faith in other people.

It is possible that someone has seriously broken your trust. Or you don’t trust yourself and don’t know how to defend yourself against the threats around you.

The dog speaks with a human voice

The meaning of dreaming about a dog speaking with a human voice will largely depend on what the animal wants to convey to us.

However, if you are unable to understand his words or do not remember them when you wake up, know that dogs always warn of lurking dangers. They see what escapes our eyes.

So focus on the rest of the dream. They will help you better understand his message.

Big little dog

A large dog can be a symbol of protecting a close friend, and a small one indicates fears that friendship is meaningless. When you dream that you are carrying a dog, it means that you have impulsive power.

Be afraid of the dog

A scary dog, as the dream suggests, may mean that you need to reevaluate your current situation.

If you dream of an attack by wild dogs, it means that you have some feelings that you fear, most likely sexual.

The dream interpretation explains that a dog in a woman’s dream may mean excessive sexual appetite and lack of restraint.

Fear of the dog may indicate remorse.

Run away from the dog, the dog is chasing

Dreaming in which you run away from your dog means that you feel used or underestimated. Do not be afraid to object, get your own way and be clear about your opinion. Self-confidence and self-confidence will help you feel better and change your current situation.

dreaming about dog

Dog colors

Every little detail counts in the interpretation of dreams. The colors also have their own individual meaning. While awake, they stimulate our emotions.

They make you feel good, stimulate you to act, but they can also make you feel sad and depressed. It is the same in our dreams.

Black Dog

Black dogs are associated with something ominous. So the significance of this dream is not the best. It heralds a betrayal by loved ones.

It also predicts upcoming emotional problems, depression, and mourning for lost friends or lovers.

White dog

The white dog is the embodiment of all the good qualities we attribute to these quadrupeds. He is faithful, loyal and uncompromising when it comes to defending his owner.

So it can symbolize the people closest to us. Or to point to our characteristics. In the dream book it is also a foretelling of the approaching period of peace, prosperity and happiness in life.

A dog with a white coat usually symbolizes peace. The dream interpretation suggests that he is the embodiment of all canine qualities: faithfulness, loyalty and courage.

So it might suggest that you are about to meet someone like that and have a great friendship ahead of you.

A brown, ginger dog

Brown is the color of the earth. Therefore, the dream of a brown dog heralds a sense of security and general satisfaction with the present life.

Stable work, family happiness and faithful friends. What more could you want?

Dog breeds

Dog breeds also matter. Each of them symbolizes different character traits and different dispositions. The meaning of dreaming about a dog may therefore also depend on what breed it is.


We associate tiny york with a typical couch dog. Meanwhile, the York is a brave terrier hidden in a small body. In the old days, he hunted small rodents and helped traders keep the markets clean.

It has its own individual character and a strong will to fight. Maybe he just wants to tell you that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and you yourself are capable of greater things than you previously thought?


When a dog resembling a wolf appears in our dreams, it can be interpreted in several ways.

The dream interpretation indicates that such dreams can have both positive and negative meanings and relate to many aspects of life.

So it is possible that you want to wake up a wild wolf in you, you want to have fun and experience new adventures.

On the other hand, the alsatian may symbolize the need to cooperate with other people. Just like wild wolves work together.

German Shepherd

Shepherd dog is a brave, faithful and very intelligent dog. It evokes respect and admiration. Therefore, in the dream book, it symbolizes these character traits.

It may also indicate that we hide a sense of helplessness and the need for support from other people. The German Shepherd Dog symbolizes the guide that will appear in our lives.

Hunting dog

Hunting breed dogs help in hunting. They can display game, track it or bring it to the hunter.

So when they appear in dreams, they usually symbolize the impending help or the need to devote to some group work.

Only through cooperation will you achieve the intended results. However, the dream book warns against some exceptions. It is possible that in a dream, dogs chase you alone. This may mean that enemies are waiting for you.


Labradors are great friends for adults and children. They often serve us as dog guides. They help the visually impaired to cope with life.

So maybe a Labrador in a dream wants to convey that some things are escaping our eyes. As soon as we ask for help, he will help us come out of the darkness and lead us to a safe place.

The dream book therefore advises us to consider which person in our life is worthy of such trust.


The meaning of the dachshund dream can be quite perverse and ambiguous. On the one hand, dachshunds are hunting dogs. Agile, cunning and uncompromising.

They will slip into the smallest burrow and cope with an animal that is larger than themselves.

So they symbolize cunning, will to fight and great endurance locked in a small body. On the other hand, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of dachshunds is their length.

Depending on the other elements of dream, they can herald a long life, a long relationship, or long years of happiness and prosperity. However, think about whether you are taking too long to make some decisions.


Greyhounds are also hunting dogs. However, they are also the only hunting breeds that could kill game while hunting. Fiendishly fast and bitter.

So they symbolize rapidly changing circumstances or the need to make quick decisions. There is nothing to wait for, the dream book tells you to act as soon as possible and not look back. The stars are on your side and you’re on your way to achieving your goals.


Husky dogs are associated with fluffy cuddly toys. However, the meaning of the dream about them is far from such an interpretation. Huskies are primal sled dogs. Resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and very low temperatures. Strong and never giving up. They tell you that you still have a long way to go.

It is possible that you are already there or that you are just about to embark on a new journey of life. It is only up to you whether she will be happy or maybe bumpy after all. The dream book also recommends taking a closer look at their eyes. In nature, they are often two-colored. Or maybe the dream husky wants to tell us something just by looking?

Dog dream summary

  • to see a dog: you have feelings for someone
  • dog bites, dog bite: loyalty of a loved one
  • puppy: someone is waiting for your help
  • leashed dog: you will regain control
  • aggressive, attacking dog: someone from the environment is untrustworthy
  • cheerful, playful dog: you are surrounded by loyal people
  • the dog is barking: something new awaits you in life
  • fighting dogs: a fight is brewing
  • dog and cat: unexpected success and happiness
  • dog falling from the balcony: fear of hitting reality
  • sick dog: you have problems and are exhausted
  • dog without a paw: losses
  • a dog hit by a car: losses
  • dog on a chain: explo
  • dog in the water: relax and rest
  • a dog biting the hand: betrayal by a loved one
  • runaway dog: loss of a friend
  • dog peeing: loss of control over your own life
  • dead dog: loss of inner peace
  • play with the dog: the emergence of faithful friends
  • walking the dog: impending successes
  • dog kennel: sad situation
  • to kill a dog: bad relationships
  • a dog from a shelter: someone close to you will show up
  • the dog got lost, ran away: loss of faith in others
  • the dog speaks with a human voice: warning of danger
  • big, small dog: Your friend will protect you
  • fear the dog: feelings you fear
  • run away from the dog: you feel used, underestimated
  • black dog: betrayal
  • white dog: calm period
  • brown, ginger dog: safety
  • york: great things ahead of you
  • alsatian: new adventures
  • German Shepherd Dog: respect and admiration
  • hunting dog: someone needs your help
  • labrador: some things escape your eyes
  • dachshund: long life
  • chart: need to make a quick decision
  • husky: a long way ahead of you

A dream about a dog

The dog is the most faithful companion of man, guarding his property, warning against dangers, defending himself in case of danger …

It appears very often in our dreams in different contexts. For example, we can dream that we find a dog and bring it home, that we go out with our dog for a walk, we can see a sleeping dog in a dream, a poisoned dog, fat dog or, on the contrary – a hungry dog, a pack of dogs, an adult dog or a puppy.

A dog in our dream can be friendly towards us, but it can also be aggressive – it can attack us, grin its fangs, but it can also cuddle to us and crave our company.

How to interpret dreams about dogs?
Interpreting a dream about a dog should begin with establishing the context in which it appears in the dream, determining its behavior, size and, in some cases, its ointment.

Generally, a dog appearing in a dream as a faithful companion and guardian of one’s property is a good sign, hence in many cases it is interpreted according to the proverb – “a dog is a man’s best friend”.

A sleeping dog in our dream reflects our relaxation and well-being in the surroundings of our loved ones, while a dog brought home proves that our place of residence gives us a sense of security.

An aggressive dog, attacking us, grinning fangs, proves that we may be reliving the traumatic memory of being bitten by a dog. However, if we do not have such a memory, it is possible that somewhere deep in our subconsciousness there is some other fear or fear, translated into a symbolic image of a dog’s attack.

An aggressive dog can also symbolize danger from the outside, something that we fear but also cannot deal with.

If dogs do not arouse our fear in real life, it is possible that their attack in a dream indicates an internal conflict between reason and instinctive inclinations. Perhaps we over-subordinate our lives to discipline, but neglect our intuition and creativity?

If the dog bit us in a dream, it is worth considering what part of our body suffered from its teeth and what symbolism it has (we encourage you to check the interpretation of individual symbols in our dream book).

Let’s pay attention to the color of the dog in our dream.

White promises that our financial situation will improve, gray confirms that we have a friend whom we can always count on, brown is a sign that we are not honest with ourselves and others …

Arabic dream interpretation: dog

This dream points to your opponents.

  • If you dream that the dog is barking at you, it portends that the enemy will dishonor you in the fight for words.
  • A dog bite portends that you will be oppressed by a tough guy.
  • A crying dog announces that the enemy will damage or destroy your property.
  • When you dream that you are killing a dog, it portends that you will destroy your opponent.
  • Dog meat means that you will disgrace yourself in the fight against the enemy.
  • When you dream that you are giving your dog milk to drink, fear tells you that.
  • The shepherd dog is telling you the enemy.
  • When you see a dog in a dream, it tells you that you are perfectly calm.
  • If you can hear your dog barking, it may be an unexpected visit to your home.
  • When you hear several dogs barking, you are likely to be defamed by your neighbors.
  • If you hear a dog howling in a dream, then this may portend you of diseases, for example, a severe stroke and other bad events.
  • When you see a black dog, it is a sign that misfortune is approaching you, or a signal that a bad friend is nearby.
  • A white dog stands for faithful friendship.
  • If you dream that you have been bitten by a dog, it is a sign that the flatterer will hurt you, but it can also mean that you have remorse.
  • When you see a big dog, it portends that you are going to be in great danger.
  • Fighting dogs foreshadow that you will argue with your neighbors.
  • When you see a dog beating, it is a sign that you should avoid quarrels in the family or foreshadow a quarrel over inheritance.
  • A dead dog means you can’t count on friends.
  • Dog food is a sign that you are expecting the impossible.

Mystical dream interpretation: dog

This dream indicates natural instincts, desire and reaction driving.

If you dream that you see a faithful dog, it portends that you will meet loyal people. It also means that your partner is loyal to you, despite rumors to the contrary.

When you see many dogs, it is a sign that you always need to concentrate or you could be harmed.

Little dogs show low thoughts and desires for trivial pleasures.

When you see neglected dogs, it foretells you difficult undertakings or children’s illnesses.

If you see a dog running, it portends that a friend will stand by you in difficult times.

An emaciated dog is a sign that you need to remain calm in the face of difficulties.

When you see a white dog, it bodes well for you as a good and kind acquaintance.

A friendly white dog promises you a happy meeting, and perhaps a wedding soon.

Black dog announces that you will be betrayed by friends.

When you see a red dog, it’s a sign that you won’t be able to count on your friends.

If you dream that you trust the dog, this is a warning to you against cheating and cheating.

If you have a nice dog, it portends you great riches.

When you dream that you are playing with your dog, it promises you considerable profits and loyal friends, it also portends you that you will defeat your opponents.

A playing dog portends you success in business, a faithful lover and agreement with the person with whom you were in conflict.

When you see a bad dog in a dream, it portends you the inevitable bad luck and portends you that even the greatest efforts will not lead you to the desired success.

When you dream that you killed the wrong dog, it portends that you will defeat your opponent and earn money.

If in a dream you are afraid of a dog, this indicates your fear of impending dangers.

If you are afraid of big dogs, it portends that you will have problems that will overwhelm you. It is also your marriage with a wise person.

The Hound means that you can be tempted to cause trouble.

When you dream that you have been attacked by a dog, it portends that you will be in danger and signals that you need to take care of yourself.

A dog rushing at someone means hostility.

If in a dream you hear a dog growling, it is a sign that you will be harmed by other people’s intrigues or that you will get bad news at home.

The malicious dog is telling you slander.

When you dream that you have been bitten by a dog, it bodes you in trouble because of money, a bad friend, illness, as well as private or professional quarrels. It could also mean that you have a guilty conscience.

If you see a dog cajoling, it portends that someone will try to lure you into a trap.

A barking dog bows you in trouble by defamation.

When you dream that you hear a dog barking, it is a sign that you need to be vigilant. It can also portend a quarrel with neighbors or defamation, as well as difficulties.

If you hear a dog howling, this is a general warning for you of serious dangers.

When you see a dog howling, it bodes hard for you.

A lonely whine of a dog can portend death or a long separation from a friend.

If you see a hunting dog in a dream, this is a sign that you can get what you want by diligence.

A hunting dog is a sign that you are superficial and frivolous and prone to adventures, especially sexual.

A dog that hunts for a larger prey means you must do everything with extreme care.

Hunting dogs announce the upcoming joys and changes for the better.

A rabid dog bodes you worries.

When you see a dog frolicking in a dream, it means that you feel fear for no reason.

Snarling and fighting dogs predict your degradation by your enemies.

When you see several dogs sticking together and biting each other, it spells a family quarrel over inheritance.

A lying dog on a chain indicates financial risk and the possibility of other damages and signals not to be thoughtless.

Dog breeding announces that you will go down to the dogs.

Traveling with your dog means you can count on loyal and devoted friends.

If in a dream you visit a dog show, this is a sign that you can hope for a little happiness in all areas of your life.

When you see dogs and cats lying next to each other, you are a business failure.

If a dog kills a cat, it portends you a wave of successful ventures and unexpected happiness.

If you see puppies in a dream, it portends that you will help innocent people who will be very grateful to you.

Poor puppies predict losses.

Good puppies promise you good friendship and wealth.

When you dream that you are being attacked by a bulldog, it is a sign that you are in danger.

The friendly bulldog announces your progress despite criticism.

Greyhounds bode well for you.

When you dream that you have a dog farm, this is a signal to help your friend protect himself from enemies.

Indian dream interpretation:

This dream means that you have good friends.

Fighting dogs is a sign that you need to protect yourself from thieves.

If in a dream you hear a dog barking, it means that someone is trying to slander you.

If you are playing with your dog, it means that your opponents will finally stop attacking you.

It is an instinctive warning, normal reactions resulting from your hidden wishes or impulses that manifest themselves in the symbol of the dog.

  • have: a new friendship for many years
  • see black: your friend will betray you
  • white: a pleasant acquaintance
  • furious: unfounded fears, fear of something
  • biting: detraction
  • tame and friendly: someone wants to snare you
  • sick: you will have a huge slip-up
  • dead: you are among hostile people
  • play with it: losses and worries
  • go with it for a walk: you want finally stabilize your life, it’s the high time!
  • a hunting dog: pay attention to the origin of the items you buy
  • watch the hunting dog: pain
  • be attacked by it: required caution
  • set dogs on someone: new enemies
  • hear barking: be aware
  • see the hungry: you care in vain
  • see several of them, tugging each other: family dispute due to the inheritance
  • be bitten by a dog: an illness
  • yelling: danger
  • a kennel: you will go to the dogs
  • on the chain: you feel sadness, loneliness, and underestimation
  • kill: you will regret your cruelty

A dream about hunting dogs predicts earnings from the outside. It is good to dream about the dogs which are tracking, caught something, or they go hunting. All of this has a beneficial effect.   However, if hunting dogs return to the city, you at risk of idleness. Guarding dogs symbolize wife, household, property. So if they are healthy and fawn on their master, it means that the wife and the household are faithful, and the property is safe.  In contrast, sick guarding dogs mean a disease of listed persons or property loss.  If these dogs are bad, bark or bite, it threatens harm caused by those persons or severe loss. Fawning dogs predict tricks and intrigues of bad people. If the dogs are white, the assaults will be public; if black, they will be made in hiding, if they are brownish grey – not quite overt;  while the dogs are spotted – it heralds especially dangerous assaults. Dogs bred for fun mean what is the nicest in life; but if you dream that they suffer something, you have to reckon with worries and tribulations.

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