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Diadem Dream Dictionary


Diadem dream interpretation

Diadem :

diadem_diademYou will be crowned with ambition; dominance, prestige, position, fascination, charm or magnetism, which emanate from your eyes and forehead.

put on: distinction

put on someone else’s head: you will experience joy and satisfaction

lose: worries

find: the longing for honors and importance

agolden diadem: it expresses the position of the high class lady

silver diadem: you sparkle like a star

metal diadem: the careerist deprived of the skills necessary for the desired position; limited authoritarianism, cruelty, sadism.

Such dreams usually reveal the true inner identity of the persons who impress the dreamer. Also check the symbol “gems”, because these precious stones are always set in a diadem.


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