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Cow dream interpretation

Cow :

Cow_krowaLooking for peace and safety.

see: happiness, the sense of security and peace

see it in the barn: you will realize your hidden dreams

see grazing: prosperity and a comfortable life

to milk: you will quite easily earn a lot of money

be its victim: a warning against an enemy whose stupidity can be very dangerous

run away from it: you will have new enemies, but fortunately they will not manage to harm you

a fat cow: harvest

a herd of cows: a happy love, wealth

see dead: recovery, liberation from all suffering

A dream about cows in the team is good for everyone, however cows in a herd predict troubles.

The meaning of this dream: the most popular and well-known interpretation of the dream, where cows and bulls appear is the explanation given by the Bible. So, we know that these animals predict that the dreamer will have a lean time, what means that the dreamer will have some financial problems. Rather, you should not be frighten and understand the Bible’s interpretation literally, that the animals represent extreme poverty and starvation, because this is not adequate explanation for our times. Instead, you should take into account that you may lose your job, you may spend more money for some reason or falling into debts, what significantly will charge your home budget and force you to increase saving for some time. Fat pets similarly mean “fat” times, so the period of prosperity, or for example, winning in some game. This will enable you to live at a higher level for some time. If at the same time, someone is dreaming that this greasy animal grazes on pasture, you can be sure that you will win at the lottery, so if you have not taken part in these games so far, you should start immediately. Driving bulls or cows mean, that the person dreaming awaits some joy soon. If a person is experiencing some problems in reality, he/she can be sure, that they will soon be solved in the most positive way. Worse explanation is when a dreamer simply sees the bull and the symbol is not accompanied with any auxiliary allegories explained earlier. This may also predict the loss of a friend or some unpleasant news. You can even speculate, joining these two explanations, that it may mean the death of a friend, and then getting the message about this unfortunate event. What is interesting, an enraged bull in a dream bodes well, and symbolizes happiness in love or avoiding some serious danger, which is not specified. That is why, the dreamer should interpret the dream differently, depending on the individual situation.  Buying an animal on the market predicts the impending conflict.

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