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Cat :

cat_kotA very old symbol in men’s dreams. This ancient symbol is associated with the need for more sensitivity. In general, the cat in a dream can warn you against deceit and falsity, or call for greater trust for your own intuition.

see: always a bad sign; first of all it means false friends or disappointment in love

be scratched or bitten: you have dangerous enemies

an attacking cat: your friend will fail on you

to drive it away: you will defeat adversities and achieve what you want

to stroke it: you are good for someone who does not deserve it

asking for a cuddle: someone beguile you with flattery

see with the young: many quarrels because of ill-mannered children

see cat’s fur: you will find lost item

black: the announcement of unpleasantness

hear miaowing: you will be drawn into the intrigue

gaunt, emaciated: sad news

kill it: you will not allow your enemies to harm you

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