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Bridge Dream Dictionary


Bridge dream interpretation

Bridge :
  • see the whole bridge: a positive sign for the future
  • see: you will manage to reconcile conflicting interests and achieve the benefits
  • see broken: find another way
  • see a drawbridge: troubles at work
  • see a lot of bridges: worries
  • see the bridge from afar: you need closeness, do the first step, and you will see that luck is on your doorstep
  • stand on the bridge: you feel lost and lonely
  • cross the bridge: you have to be on guard
  • pass under the bridge: you will reach your goal despite difficulties
  • fall down on the bridge: a gaffe on business
  • fall from the bridge: your efforts will not bring the expected results
  • cross by the old, insecure bridge: you will manage to successfully get out of trouble
  • going through a very long bridge: great progress in life
  • a long bridge: the loss of things that were important to you
  • a stone bridge: a quiet life, without problems
  • a wooden bridge: even the smallest sincere gesture is important
  • a rail bridge: an unpleasant visit
  • build a bridge: you will receive a praise for your work

The bridge marks the boundary between the simple present and unpredictable future. Going over the bridge means the ability to move forward – the inner strength to cope with life, especially after difficult experiences, such as divorce, new job or moving.


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