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Vessel Dream Dictionary


Vessel dream interpretation

Vessel :

It predicts success or lack in your life. You worry, instead of trust more.

  • precious: a lot of expenses
  • clean: thanks to your honesty and loyalty you earn people’s trust
  • dirty: a quarrel at home
  • full: financial success
  • empty: failure in finances
  • brittle: an argument about a trifle
  • iron: start saving
  • metal: sudden wealth
  • silver: a comfortable and prosperous life
  • earthenware: you should be more careful
  • china: lucky in love
  • break: think through your behavior, you will lose the chance to start a family
  • destroy: you will end your acquaintance which was very important to you
  • with water: anxiety, arguments in the environment
  • old in hand: poverty
  • get it from someone: a good sign
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