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Velvet dream interpretation

Velvet :

velvet_aksamitVelvet is a noble, luxurious and expensive fabric. It may remind us of our comfortable home and also may suggest the need for comfort. Moreover, this means that we want to gain respect and significance. Velvet also predicts good luck. Another meaning of this symbol is: you promise yourself too much;  you overestimate your abilities, your plans and wishes will not be able to come true.

Velvet can also indicates huge sexual needs that can only be fulfilled by sensual and sophisticated lover. Give yourself a little vanity; self-confidence and determination will definitely add you some charm.

see: tenderness, warmth, closeness

make velvet clothes: achieve recognition and fame

wear velvet clothes: a warning against conceit

buy: prosperity

look at someone wearing velvet: you can expect some benefits because of a relation with important people

touch, stroke: you want peace and stability

have clothes made ​​of velvet: you are too selfish and proud

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