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Timber dream interpretation

Timber :

Timber_drewnodecayed: the loss of a large family property

grab a decayed board that crumbles: be careful of your health

saw: the uncertain, risky venture

see rotten that shines: you will not keep a sufficient vigilance against someone from the circle of your friends and you will let to be deceived by appearances

chop: a damage to your fortune

deal with carpentry: honors

carry: poverty

cut: acquaintance with a villain

carve: a success on the artistic field

see it floating in the water: a perfect happiness will disappear

burn: prodigality

look at stacked in a pile: you will ensure a peaceful future through the hard work

buy it: expenditure

trade with it: cash inflow

plane: you will have many responsibilities

processing: successes

carry clogs: you will gain prosperity

see clogs: family happiness

a wooden spoon: a secret affair

wooden vessels: start saving

wooden stairs: the plans, that you have, are not profitable, better think through everything again

use the wooden vessels: think through your household expenses. See also the meaning of the dream about a tree in Popular symbols.


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