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Star :

star_gwiazdaIt expresses the broadening of horizons and therefore making more ambitious and diversified plans for the future, happiness, salvation, glory, a predisposition to unusual fate, playing the public role, the great love in reference to the brilliant planet Venus.

see it in the sky: a harbinger of good, filled with successes days

see a shiny star: success in love

bright stars: auspicious time

pale stars: unfulfilled desires

fading stars: unfulfilled desires

see from the left side of the sky: the mystery, the awakening of the talent that better to keep in secret, not to arouse jealousy of others; it may be for example: a gift of intuition, clairvoyance, or just artistic talent

see from the right side of the sky: the external, social success

see the whole constellation of stars: success, fame achieved together with others

the morning star: happiness

The North Star: illusory hopes

look at the stars: an auspicious sign

a falling star: shooting death of beloved person

If one sees in a dream a lot of bright stars, it is a good omen.

If you dream that the stars in the sky expired, it promises poverty and loneliness for rich people, while for the poor this dream threatens a total disaster. A bad sign is to see the stars falling on the ground, it bodes death. If there were a lot of stars falling, a lot of significant people will die. If there dropped a small and dim stars, only several unknown people will be killed.

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