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Spider :

The spider is a creature that has been feared and feared throughout the ages. It is not without reason that most people today are afraid of arachnids. This is the legacy of our ancestors who avoided them and their venom almost like fire.

Today we understand spiders better and better and we know that they do not attack us without a reason. However, they still cause a feeling of danger, disgust and even panic attacks in many people.

This fear is cleverly used by the creators of movies and horror films, scaring us with huge spiders, their spider webs and fueling arachnophobia still present in the human subconscious. What does the dream book tell us about spiders?

spider dream

Dream interpretation spider

The meaning of the dream in which they appear can vary greatly. The spider symbolizes life, starting a family and building a home. However, it is also the archetype associated with pain, disease, death and violence. He is inconspicuous, yet cunning and extremely strong.

References to this symbol can be found in many beliefs and cultures around the world. Some suspect that it may also be associated with the symbolism of the mother and the ancient feminine element associated with taking care of the home and her offspring.

See a spider

The meaning of the dream in which the spider appears is never clear cut. As in the case of other dreams, its interpretation will depend on all the elements that have appeared in it and that the dreamer remembers while awake.

Spiders can appear in dreams in various forms. They are small or monstrously large. Calm or aggressive. They can appear in herds, and sometimes even arouse our sympathy. The interpretation will depend on whether the spider weaves its thread in a dream, hunts, kills, or is killed itself. What does the dream book say about your spider?

A large, huge spider

A large spider, or one of unnaturally large size, symbolizes impending financial losses. Most likely you will find yourself in a network of debts and obligations that will be difficult for you to get out of. You should take better care of your money now. Also, be careful not to accidentally fall into the thick of gambling.

The dream interpretation suggests, however, that such a dream may also predict other challenges that will be yours. Not necessarily the financial ones. So take care of all the most important spheres of your life now.

Kill the spider

Dreams of killing a spider have different interpretations. It all depends on who is committing this act and what emotions it evokes in the dreaming person. This dream may bring with it the promise of winning the competition and defeating the ancient enemy. But it is also a signal that a quarrel with someone important to you is on the horizon.

If, on the other hand, you belong to people who are terrified of spiders, this dream may tell you to overcome life’s difficulties and deal with current obstacles.

Attacking spider

The spider attacking you is a warning. This dream informs you that material losses or professional failures are ahead. Something bad is in the air and you should take care of your finances now. Otherwise, you will become a victim of unfavorable circumstances from which you will not get out the way you cannot get out of a spider’s web.

For some, this dream may also symbolize deeply dormant sexual desires, as well as the toxic relationships and relationships in which they find themselves.

dreaming about spider

Spider bite

A spider’s bite may herald the advent of a worse period in your life. You will receive bad news or some other kind of misfortune awaits you.

If in a dream the venom turns out to be toxic and you die of the bite yourself, a disease will appear in your family. But the meaning of the dream can also be less literal. Death from a bite can symbolize your weaknesses, flaws and fears. You feel defeated by yourself. You failed to defeat your own demons.

It is also a prophecy of infidelity and betrayal that can happen to you from your relatives and business partners.

Spider on a cobweb

The thread woven by spiders can have many meanings. It is a symbol of life and the path of life. But also the pitfalls that lie in wait for us. It is strong and durable, and at the same time fragile and easy to destroy. What does the dream book say about it? A spider weaving its web symbolizes your over-focus on one thing or activity.

The one sitting inside it is a sign that you have closed your heart too much. Your life lacks emotions and feelings, and no one can break through to you through the maze of traps set around you. You’re probably expecting important information, but you need to get off your web and meet it.

If, however, you feel entangled in it, it is a symbol of a family home, from which you would like to finally break out and start living on your own.

Spider on the back

A spider walking on the body can scare anyone. The first instinct is always to shake off the unwanted guest. But what about the spider walking on our backs?

In the dream book, it symbolizes a great sense of danger. You are just experiencing problems in life that seem insurmountable to you and you don’t see the way out.

So maybe it’s worth asking someone for help instead of struggling with it yourself? The spider on the back is also a symbol of untrustworthy people. So be careful that someone does not attack you when you least expect it.

Spider on the body

When a spider walks on your body, the dream book warns against the dangers and intrigues of the people around you. It is also a symbol of loneliness in worries and problems.

Spider on the wall

The meaning of the dream of a spider on the wall can be very different. Is it the wall of your home? How big is this spider? Do you see his spider’s web nearby? Try to remember these details and the interpretation will become a little easier.

The dream interpretation suggests, however, that a spider on the wall may symbolize a slight threat and temporary problems. There is something on your mind and something you should deal with. Fortunately, you have enough strength and skill to make things go according to your plans.

spider dream meaning

Spider on the head

A dream about a spider walking on our heads, or even approaching our face, can turn out to be a real nightmare for many people. Tangled in your hair, it can symbolize your deepest fears. So think about whether it’s time to start fighting and facing them.

Perhaps it is about your relationship with your mother or another woman close to you. It is also possible that you are looking for answers to the questions that bother you. The interpretation of the dream book is recommended to address them to family members. They will certainly help you dispel all your doubts.

Spider on the floor

The meaning of dream brings you good news and hope for a better tomorrow. The spider on the ground, like the one on the wall, can symbolize small and transient problems in your life. You may be worried about something, struggling with low self-esteem, or feel insecure in your current relationship.

Remember, however, that you are towering over the spider that embodies all your fears in a dream. These problems are not impossible to overcome. You just have to believe in yourself and trust your own intuition, and everything will turn out your way.

Spider in food

The spider you find in your food may give you an unpleasant surprise. Who would finally like to find it on their plate? Something is not what it seems. Someone will fail your trust, your friendship, or end a relationship. Right now, this person is feeding you with his lies.

If, on the other hand, you eat this spider yourself, the dream interpretation suggests that in fact you have a lot of control over everything that is currently happening in your life. Don’t worry about minor setbacks, but pay attention to whether you are trying too hard to dominate your loved ones and colleagues.

Spider on the face

None of us would like to experience this feeling. The vision of a spider walking on the face can wake up from sleep and evoke very strong emotions. Just imagining it while you are awake is not pleasant.

Such a dream encourages you to take deep introspection and come face to face with your fears and fears. Also look around. There are things right in front of you, but you yourself seem to be denying their meaning. You don’t notice them or you don’t want to see them.

Meanwhile, there are many surprising possibilities ahead of you. Dare to reach for them and take the first step into the unknown.

Spider in the mouth

The meaning of the dream of a spider seen in the mouth can be twofold. On the one hand, the spider coming out of your mouth portends success in finances and material benefits that will become your part. Soon you can expect promotion and recognition in the eyes of business partners.

A spider that won’t come out, on the other hand, can symbolize your fear of expressing yourself or telling someone the truth. It is also possible that certain people or situations make you feel misunderstood and accepted by those around you.

A poisonous spider

A spider that you know is poisonous in a dream does not bode well for you. It symbolizes the toxic people you surround yourself with, dangerous relationships, impending interpersonal conflicts and even betrayal.

In the dream book, it is also an omen of other failures that await you. Be careful about your health and that of your loved ones. It’s time to take care of your physical condition and material matters. Also, watch out for enemies who are hiding for you.

Be afraid of the spider

Fear of spiders is completely natural and results from the way our ancestors lived. Back then, the arachnids posed a real and real threat. Some people are less afraid today, others more. Some even experience arachnophobia.

The dream interpretation suggests that although we are all afraid of spiders, sometimes this fear is exaggerated. Therefore, the meaning of dream carries a simple message: start trusting your loved ones and those around you. They are not your enemies.

Run away from the spider

In the dream book, running away from the spider may mean your fear of facing life’s obstacles. You are passive and do not take the trouble to fight and cope with the challenge. Stop for a moment and dare to look at the spider. Is it really as scary as you think it is?

It is worth fighting with yourself, overcoming your inner fear and seeing how much satisfaction and self-satisfaction can await you. Otherwise, the dream book also bodes you in losing your finances, which you fear so much.

Fight the spider

A duel with a spider is a symbol of impending losses and sacrifices awaiting you. In the near future you will have to give up something or start tightening your belts tighter.

It is possible that your quality of life will decrease slightly. Remember, however, that this is a temporary situation. If you manage your finances well, it can change quickly in your favor.

Spiders in the house

The dream of spiders that have settled in the house relates to your family relationships. However, the meaning of dream is not clear cut. Many spider veins running around the rooms can symbolize time well spent with your loved ones.

A time of joy and peace awaits you. However, when you see a huge spider in your home that causes fear and fear, such a dream portends misunderstandings and family problems.

Step on the spider

The meaning of dream may be similar to the one in which we kill a spider. Then he predicts victory and overcoming his enemies or internal fears. The dream book advises, however, to be careful.

A trampled spider can also be a symbol of a relationship imbalance. It is possible that one of the partners is too dominant and is trying to impose his will. So remember that a relationship between two people must be a compromise.

This dream is also a harbinger of impending sadness, nostalgia and a return to past events. For some reason, your subconscious mind doesn’t want you to forget about them.

spider dream

The colors of the spiders

While awake, we attach great meaning to the colors of the world around us. We like some, we don’t like others. They influence our perception of reality, stimulate emotions, sometimes calm down, and at other times energize us to act. It is no different in dreams.

Therefore, the dream book draws attention to what colors of spiders visit our dreams. They can affect the whole meaning of dream.

Black spider

Black usually heralds impending personal problems and life failures. Therefore, the black spider warns you that your efforts and efforts may be misdirected, or that you are going the wrong way. The effort you put in may turn out to be completely unnecessary and may not bring the expected benefits.

So think about whether you have invested your savings as well as your feelings. Such a dream can also be a warning to people who want to betray you or take advantage of you. Also consider how you manage your emotions. Perhaps you are accompanied by a lot of anger for which you should find a constructive outlet.

A white spider

White is the color of purity, innocence, silence and inner peace. That’s why the white spider brings you hope. Your problems will end soon, and you will be able to rest yourself from things that have so far consumed a significant amount of your energy.

You will regain your inner balance, serenity and peace of mind. However, be careful not to swing too much in the clouds. Focus on what’s important, believe in yourself and your own abilities, but don’t get carried away by unrealistic dreams.

Green spider

The meaning of the dream of a green spider can be very different. After all, green is the color of nature and the healing power that comes from it, but also a color commonly associated with greed and jealousy. On the one hand, such a dream may augur you with health, recovery from illness and excellent physical condition.

On the other hand, however, the dream book makes you think about your own emotions. Is your morbid jealousy the cause of misunderstandings in your relationship? Or maybe you feel envious and envy others for their successes and social position, instead of focusing on self-development and following your own path?

Colorful spider

A multicolored spider is associated with something exotic. The shimmering colors on his body can refer to many aspects of your life and complex personality. So maybe this spider wants to show you how many possibilities you have? Try to use them and spread your wings.

You are a creative person, constantly looking for new solutions. So, probably, you can cope with everything that fate brings you. However, remember not to neglect your loved ones in pursuit of your own happiness.

Types of spiders

The species of spiders are also of great meaning in the dream book. Usually we are afraid of the big and the most poisonous. That is why they most often appear in dreams. What do they want to convey to our subconscious mind?


Tarantulas are quite large spiders. Their bite is very painful, but in most cases it is not life-threatening. However, their menacing appearance makes tarantulas terrifying in the public consciousness. In the dream book, their view refers to our emotional sphere.

They symbolize our fears, fears and the stress we experience. So when you see a tarantula in a dream, it means that something is constantly keeping your eyes awake. Unsolved or unsolved issues keep you awake, giving you pictures of spiders in return. So organize your life, give yourself a break and avoid nervous situations. Maybe it’s time for you to start meditating?


The largest tarantulas can grow up to 10 cm in length, and the length of their legs can reach up to 30 cm! Thus, in many people they arouse considerable fear. These spiders have one more feature. Namely, they don’t build a web. Instead, they nest in tree hollows and in rock crevices.

Therefore, when you see a tarantula in your dream, it symbolizes a sense of danger and something you’d rather hide from. Or, on the contrary, an enemy that is secretly waiting for a good moment to launch an attack. The dream book advises caution, but also calms you down. This threat is not as great as you might think.

Teutonic Knight

The spiders of this family can be recognized by the characteristic outline of the cross on their abdomens. In folk beliefs, they foretold atmospheric changes. Showing up at home, heralded the arrival of warm weather.

The periods of rain and cooling are hidden. Like most spiders, they are poisonous, but harmless to humans. What does the dream book say about them?

The Teutonic Knights may want to convey to you that your judgment of a person is unfair. So consider whether you have judged someone too hastily and given them qualities they don’t really have. The female Teutonic Knights can also symbolize your dedication to others, while the male that you resort to deception in your life.

Black Widow

The spider commonly known as the black widow is associated with the female element. Females are larger than males, and they tend to kill too persistent partners when they do not let go for too long after the act of copulation. Her bite is neither fatal nor painful to humans.

However, it causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, including long lasting muscle contractions. Therefore, the appearance of a black widow in a dream can symbolize fear of women, one’s own femininity, or an incorrect and toxic relationship with a partner or mother that has dragged on for too long.

The black widow is also a symbol of inner desires and passions that we cannot control and which can negatively affect ourselves and our loved ones.

Dream about spiders

A spider has appeared in your dream and you don’t know what that might mean? It is one of the most popular dream symbols that appear in our dreams and has many different meanings.

A dream about a spider can have different versions – we can kill it, admire it, be bitten by it, attacked, we can see one spider or a lot of spiders next to each other, we can be afraid of it, but we can also feel … sympathy for it.

Today we suggest how to analyze a dream with a spider, and where to start interpreting it.

How to interpret a dream about a spider?

The spider symbolizes two aspects of the Mother Goddess: the weaver of fate and the destroyer. The spider spins the web of time and destiny, catching all creatures in it.

A spider web can also represent an illusion.

The Spider is further credited with symbolizing the destructive aspects of the Mother Goddess as its web is used to capture and kill.

So the spider uses its creative power to lead a fate that binds the living and ultimately takes their lives.

It is the cycle of birth, life and death. A spider in a dream can represent a phase in the cycle of change depending on whether it spins, fishes or kills.

A spider that appears in a dream is also a symbol of an all-consuming mother that prevents children from freeing themselves from her power and control.

It is a common dream theme that appears in many forms. The emotional system between a daughter and a mother is more complex than between a mother and a son.

The first emotional bond of the child is established with the mother, who is its breadwinner, and in the next stage, sexual claims arise against the father or mother, depending on the child’s sex, and the related competition and aversion to the other parent.

But at this stage, which can last throughout adolescence and whose sediment often remains for life, the boy’s feelings for his father are simpler than the girls’ feelings for his mother; the boy often simply dislikes and is afraid of his father, although he admires him many times, but the girl struggling with her mother still has the initial feeling of a young child bound by a strong primal emotional bond with her mother.

In the normal process of emotional maturation, the next phase is to give up infantile sexuality and transform the mother or father into a role model, confidant and companion.

This is, of course, an ideal pattern, which rarely happens in practical life, hence the majority of human troubles in practical life, because the family emotional system, which is ultimately fixed in us, becomes a pattern for life, repeated over and over again.

Regardless of someone’s waking attitude to their mother, the memory of her overwhelming love lives on in the subconscious of almost every person, and hence dreams of spiders and similar symbols.

Getting entangled in a spider web symbolizes a family home, from which it is difficult to break free. Little spiders, Indian summer, beautiful weather – they are fun and serene dreams! which perhaps come to entertain us.

Take care of yourself, especially when you are dealing with women. Also possible irritation of the cerebral cortex; happiness or well-being are in danger. A spider often symbolizes sexual needs and other passions, in which we become engaged.    It is often associated with anxiety and guilt.  Perhaps someone wants entangle you in an intrigue.

  • kill the spider: a quarrel with a loved one is hanging in the air
  • be bitten by a spider: you will be a victim of infidelity or you will incur considerable damage in business
  • see a lot of spiders around you: you have a chance to multiply your wealth, you will gain success among friends and esteem among colleagues
  • see the huge spider standing in front of you: if you choose your colleagues well, you will have the chance to be promoted
  • see a spider attacking you: enemies will steal your fortune
  • be afraid of a spider: start to trust people more, especially those who want good for you
  • running away from the big spider: you lose a fortune at every opportunity
  • kill the spider: you will gain a lot of money
  • when a young woman sees crawling spiders around her: the announcement that her fortune and views for happiness will improve; she will be also surrounded by new friends

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