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Snake dream interpretation

Snake :

Snakes are probably one of the oldest and richest symbols and archetypes known to us. Since the dawn of humanity, they have inspired fear and respect in us.

Treacherously quiet and agile, deadly poisonous and strong enough to shatter the bones of larger victims. Already in the oldest biblical parable of Adam and Eve, the serpent archetype was a symbol of satanic forces and treacherous promptings.

The dream interpretation reveals that this symbol may indicate a “slippery” person or a situation. Perhaps this is when you can’t trust someone or you can’t keep someone under control.

The snake is also often interpreted as a phallic symbol that embodies sexual needs. It may also indicate that these desires are sublimated, especially if you dream of a snake wearing a crown.

snake dream dictionary

Snake dream dictionary

In general, this symbol tells about your desires, instincts and feelings and signals that you have achieved awareness and determine your personal development. The snake symbol must also always be carefully analyzed, taking into account other symbols that appear in the dream, which will allow you to gain insight into your own personality. The dream book interprets dreams about snakes very differently.

A snake can mean something significant in your subconscious, which can be a threat to your life and well-being. Point out that your soul is full of energy that causes conflict too often.

A snake coming out of the dark, what about that dream interpretation? It means fear that a carefully guarded secret will come to light. This symbol can also mean a cold, calculating woman.

In addition, the snake, especially in the dreams of young people, can signify an instinctive driving force and indicate unresolved sexual problems or fear of being active in this area. Such dreams are usually experienced by young girls who are afraid of male strength. In later years, the snake may indicate fears of a competitor.

See a snake

The dream book does not provide a single universal explanation as to why a snake visited you in your dreams. The rich symbolism makes it necessary to carefully examine the rest of the dream elements. A serpent winding on the ground may herald difficulties in your private and professional life, or you feel pangs of conscience.

A snake that changes skin can mean impending changes and financial problems that you can overcome with your willpower. On the other hand, a snake that bites its own tail is a symbol of happiness, infinity and rebirth. It carries a message of strength and positive energy flowing to you from the universe.

snake dream meaning

The snake attacks

When a snake attacks you in your dreams, prepare for some serious changes. Dream interpretation warns against impending illness or temporary decline in vitality and physical condition.

You will likely feel it on an emotional level as well. Or maybe you already have the impression that you have neglected your health? Physical and mental fatigue can bother you as long as you don’t take matters into your own hands and take care of yourself. Remember, a snake bite can be fatal.

So you have to fight with all your might to avoid it.

Snake at home

the appearance of a snake in your home is a bad omen. It symbolizes a disorder in family relationships, impending relationship problems or upbringing problems.

You’ve probably seen signs of impending problems before, but have ignored, dismissed or simply ignored them. Time to wake up and face reality.

It is also possible that you completely unknowingly let someone into your home who may turn out to be your enemy. Also consider whether you are transferring your work-related problems to your family. Maybe you are the source of the toxic emotions yourself?

Fight the snake

What does the dream book say about the fight with a snake? First of all, it makes us think about what the snake seen in dreams symbolizes for us. The meaning of dream can be literal and mean fighting the enemy or toxic people who hurt you.

But what if the snake is really the personification of your subconscious? Consider whether you are struggling with yourself and sabotaging your development. This snake can personify your deepest fears and complexes that you have not yet accepted. Remember that acceptance can be the first step in your self-development process.

Snake bite

A snake bite does not bode well for you. A quarrel is brewing, and maybe even a fight with people close to you. Someone is trying to deceive you, try to defame you or poison your mind with bad thoughts.

You surround yourself with toxic people or you get yourself into trouble and ask for trouble. Or, you may be clinging to a past that will never return. The dream book suggests that you should look for an antidote now.

A snake floating in the water

A snake emerging from the water or simply floating in it, augurs problems that you do not expect at all. Something bad is lurking in the depths and may attack you at any moment.

It can affect your body, mind and soul. It’s also possible that your emotions get out of hand. The snake flows towards you to warn you and encourages you to regain control of your own life.

snake in dream

Snake in bed

The meaning of a dream where a snake sneaks into your bed can be quite clear cut. Have you accidentally got into an affair with someone unworthy of your trust? The serpent foretells betrayal or warns you against it.

However, it can also symbolize your sexual needs and the announcement of their fulfillment. The dream book encourages introspection. How do you see your sex life so far? Are you living in accordance with your own needs?

Venom-spitting snake

Snake venom can be a lethal danger. Something that is poisoning your life. Negative outside influences, inappropriate people around you or toxic thoughts in your head.

A venomous snake can symbolize negative energy, toxic masculinity and unhealthy sexual fantasies. However, in many cultures of the world, snake venom also has healing properties. What you considered to be your greatest fault or weakness so far, you can turn into an advantage and strength.

A escaping snake

When a snake escapes from you in dreams, you can be sure that enemies or dangerous situations will not catch you anytime soon. So the dream book promises you victory.

Remember, however, that the snake is a cunning creature. It can easily slide back into your life. The meaning of the dream of a runaway snake may also have a second bottom. You may be trying to displace some of your sexual needs. You want to control your instincts, which are an integral part of yourself. Remember that they will also come back.

To be a snake

The interpretation of the dream suggests that for reasons you know only, you are afraid of being ostracized by your surroundings. Snakes, after all, represent people with low motives and toxic intentions.

So make sure you have something on your conscience. Or is it a good time to work on your own self-esteem? Turning into a snake in a dream can also mean the upcoming changes. You pupate and change.

Time to shed your old skin and take on a new shape. Don’t be afraid of these changes. After all, the snake is also a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

Fear the snake, run away from the snake

The meaning of dream is not clear cut. What do you associate a snake with? Is someone you know? Or maybe it is part of your subconscious? Something is bothering you in life. The inner demons and ghosts of the past still haunt your thoughts.

Dream interpretation advises you to face them. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. Each of us makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and stop fighting yourself. You are stronger than you think.

Feed the snake

If you are feeding the snake in your dream, it may mean that you are too easily succumbed to the temptations around you. Be sure to work on your willpower. Your betrayals and deceptions may soon come to light, and you will face the consequences.

This is a good time to reflect on your behavior and not to feed the inner demon. This situation can also apply to your addictions. The dream book makes you think about whether all your behaviors are good and desirable.

Kill the snake

Killing a snake while sleeping can herald the end of your problems. You will defeat your enemies and achieve success. Victory is now at your fingertips.

In the dream book, it also means recovery and liberation from toxic relationships. It is also a symbol of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. It bodes well for a good time in your life.

Snake with many heads

The many snake heads can represent the temptations that surround you. The dream book therefore recommends caution in actions and in making decisions. Each head carries a potential danger.

The meaning of dreaming about such a snake also applies to the opportunities that life will bring you in the near future. Choose wisely and never on a momentary impulse.

Step on the snake

The meaning of a dream where you step on a snake. does not bode well for anything good. Where you expected success, failure and disappointment await you. So maybe it’s worth changing tactics and revising your plans a bit? There is still time for that. Take every step carefully and carefully.

Otherwise, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. If you put yourself in danger at your own discretion, don’t expect someone else to come to your aid. You yourself are the blacksmith of your own destiny.

Eat the snake

In the dream book, the snake symbolizes male strength, cunning and cunning. Its venom can kill, but also heal. Therefore, when you eat a snake in your drean, it may mean that soon your life will change for the better.

You will gain the knowledge that you have been looking for in vain so far and the strength you need in the implementation of important life plans. Learn from your mistakes and learn from your failures. But be careful.

The meaning of dream can also be somewhat perverse. Take a look at your diet. Are you eating properly and taking good care of your health? Or maybe it’s high time to stop using stimulants?

snake dream

Types of snakes

Each snake that appears during dreams may make you anxious. The fear of being bitten is completely natural and has accompanied people for hundreds of thousands of years.

So it does not matter whether the snake appears awake or in dreams. The fear of him is always real. However, each species of snake can convey a completely different message. What can we find about them in the dream book?


The sight of a huge green anaconda can evoke very strong emotions and even wake you up from sleep. It is a snake that will inspire respect, anxiety and fear for your own life in everyone. In the dream book, anaconda can symbolize betrayal and defeat, but also victory. Everything will depend on the rest of the dream elements.

It is also a signal that you do not feel confident and safe in your own skin. You are not confident enough to face life’s opposites. It is also possible that your own ego is standing in the way of happiness. Work on it and you will be successful.


The boa constrictor is a snake known primarily for its great strength. It wraps itself very tightly around its victims and kills while suffocating. The meaning of the dream in which it appears can therefore be very literal. People or situations in your life take away your freedom.

You feel that you are running out of air and slowly losing strength. You feel helpless in life. It is also possible that someone is taking advantage of you financially. It is imperative that you regain control of your own life, because it may be too late after all.


When a human or other predator comes close to a rattlesnake, the snake raises its tail with its characteristic rattle and makes a warning sound. This is a simple message that you should move away as soon as possible and not disturb the rattlesnake or an attack will occur.

So start paying more attention to the people around you. The rattlesnake can alert you to someone close to you. Or is he the person who wants you to stop bothering him?


The viper often symbolizes the betrayal of a loved one. It is possible that you have just discovered it or that you only suspect that your partner is not faithful to you. But consider whether your fears and concerns are right.

The dream interpretation suggests that they may be based on your excessive, even unhealthy jealousy and lack of self-confidence. Your concerns affect the quality of your relationship. So work on yourself first.


A huge python in your dream may mean impending trouble. Pythons also symbolize your sexual fantasies and erotic dreams. Especially when you don’t talk openly about them with your partner.

In the meaning of this dream, one can also look for a warning against toxic compounds. Beware. Someone is not who they say they are, and all their deceptions may soon come to light.


In many cultures of the world, the cobra personifies a sense of freedom. It is a symbol of independence, strong will and great determination. So if she has visited your dreams, the dream interpretation suggests that your freedom is limited.

It is possible that you feel a prisoner of your own life and unfavorable circumstances. The control that others have over you starts to bother you. So maybe it’s time to break the chains and go your own way?

Black Mamba

It is a snake that is feared among the inhabitants of Africa. It is said that its venom can kill even such a huge animal as the giraffe. The black mamba is also frighteningly fast and agile.

The meaning of the dream in which it appears can therefore be multiple. It warns of danger, but also recommends taking very quick steps. It is possible that you can avoid the inevitable or do the impossible. You just need to hurry up.

Snake colors

The colors in our dreams, as in everyday life, have different meanings. And just like in everyday life, they evoke different emotions in us. That is why the dream book pays so much attention to what colors dominate in our dreams. And in what colors the snakes visit us. What does it say about your dream?

Yellow snake

The yellow snake according to the dream book may symbolize your fear of masculinity and sexuality. This snake may also visit your dreams as a warning.

Consider whether you are realistically assessing your options. You’ve probably started a project that is starting to outgrow you. If you don’t lower your expectations of yourself, you will be disappointed. You don’t have to be perfect. You also have the right to make mistakes. Believe in yourself and your abilities, but don’t expect the impossible from yourself.

Green snake

Green is the color of hope. But also greed, greed and gluttony. As well as unhealthy jealousy and frustration. So the green snake can symbolize your emotions. Fear of the unknown, uncertainty of tomorrow, all kinds of fears.

It may mean that you are concerned about the direction your life is taking. So this snake often visits the dreams of people at the crossroads. Young people who are just entering their adult life, but also those who are struggling with the midlife crisis and are settling accounts with what they have already done.

So ask yourself what you want. Why do you not feel satisfied and what do you envy others. Then hopefully start achieving your goals.

Black snake

The black snake is very often the personification of our intuition. You probably have the knowledge and skills to deal with the problems ahead. You know exactly what you should do, although you are still holding back. Time for introspection and full commitment to the implementation of the plan.

You can’t put everything off until the next day. The dream interpretation also warns that the black snake can symbolize emotions that are difficult to work through, and even depression. It is possible that something bad has happened to you and you are just struggling with an emotional loss.

Red snake

The red color symbolizes passion, strength and sexual desire. Strong emotions that can awaken your soul, but also burn you strongly. Therefore, according to the dream book, the red snake is a warning of an impending danger.

It may be just around the corner or it may come directly from within you. Fights of anger, rage and even aggression are something that can destroy you. Be sure to find a way to control your emotions. Redirect them so that they do not harm you or your loved ones.

White snake

The white snake that appears in dreams symbolizes rebirth and healing. You’ve probably lost something you really cared about. However, the mourning period is drawing to a close. Cleansing and regaining inner peace await you. The meaning of dream, however, can be a warning.

Dream interpretation warns you against too much separation from emotions. It is possible that past life experiences have made you indifferent. So be careful. An emotional dryness can rob you of many of the joys of life.

Blue snake

Blue often signifies spirituality and our religious life. It is also a symbol of inner harmony and peace. So this dream augurs you with a good time in your life. The blue snake brings you its wisdom. How will you use it?

Try to follow this snake and it may help you get out of life’s labyrinths. Be careful though. The blue snake may want to show you your enemies.

Summary of the meaning of dream about a snake

to see the snake: difficulties in private and professional life

the snake attacks: impending disease

snake at home: family relationship disorder

fight the snake: fight the enemy or toxic friends

bite: a quarrel is brewing

snake floating in water: problems that you did not expect

snake in bed: you will get into a romas with someone untrustworthy, betrayal

venom-spitting snake: deadly danger, watch out

escaping snake: enemies or bad things won’t catch you anytime soon

be a snake: a new feel in life

fear the snake, run away from the snake: face your own weaknesses

to feed the snake: you succumb too easily to the temptations around you

to kill a snake: problems end

snake with many heads: be careful when making decisions

step on the snake: failure and disappointment await

eat a snake: your life will change for the better

anaconda: betrayal, lose / win

boa: Someone is taking advantage of you

rattlesnake: pay more attention to people around you

viper: you will wring a secret

python: warning of toxic compounds

cobra: Your freedom is limited

black mamba: warning of danger, act quickly

yellow snake: the project at work will surpass you

green snake: fear of the future

black snake: fully commit to your plan

red snake: warning of impending danger

white snake: cleansing and regaining inner peace

blue snake: a good time in life awaits

A dream about a snake

Snakes are fascinating animals, already considered magical and mystical in mythology, incl. due to its unique ability to turn old skin into new skin, constantly being reborn and reborn.

Also as a symbol, they are of great meaning, depending on the context in which they appear.

In our dream, for example, we may be attacked by a snake, poisonous or constrictor, try to kill it, or stand on it accidentally; we can see a single serpent, but also a swirl of these reptiles; we can admire it in the zoo or in the natural environment, but we can also find it in our own home with horror …

How to interpret dreams about snakes?

Snakes are a very important, powerful dream symbol. They symbolize, among others great power, meaning change, renewal and also transformation.

By appearing in a dream, they may, for example, suggest that our life could use some change, that it would be worth making an attempt to move to a new level of consciousness, or that we have already taken the first timid steps in this direction.

We can fear a snake in our dreams, just as we fear every major change, but we should never perceive it as a bad sign (even though this dream symbol is commonly interpreted) – even a snake’s bite in a dream has a positive overtone.

We can interpret them as “contamination” with a new sensitivity, psychic energy, looking for an outlet, etc. It is worth considering what character this energy has – whether positive or negative – and try to find out what it results from.

Due to the shape of its body, the snake metaphorically represents the phallus, as well as its connections with sensuality and life force, it is also connected – especially in iconography and mythologies – with pregnancy.

It also has – as a creature that crawls on the ground, lives in pits – connections with the underground world and the unconscious, guards our consciousness, it can also be connected with femininity – after all, it often accompanied goddesses in Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian and Aztec myths .

In the Bible, the serpent, on the other hand, equates cunning, perfidiousness and vanity – after all, it was he who deceived Eve and caused that, after eating the fruit from the forbidden tree, she had to leave Paradise with Adam …

So if the serpent appears in our dream, perhaps, like the biblical Eve, we are tormented by difficult to combat doubts and desires, perhaps we are tempted by some forbidden fruit, or – like the biblical Adam – we hold others responsible for our actions?

It is also worth considering whether the snake appearing in the dream is not just persuading us to live in harmony with our own nature – sometimes it is better to open up to ourselves, reject appearances and strive for self-realization, decide about our own fate and bear responsibility for it, instead of striving for it. to lofty ideals that we will probably never achieve …

Snake in Jung’s interpretations

For Jung, the snake was a powerful archetype related to psychic energy, strength, dynamics, and reflex drives. The psychologist interpreted it as a whole psychological process, a spiritual change, upcoming or already in progress, and therefore a positive and desirable sign.

Snake in dreams

It is an old sexual symbol.

  • see: a warning against deception, and the malice of women
  • attacking: your new friends do not deserve your friendship
  • a snakebite: problems caused by guile and cunning women
  • slithering: it warns against temptations
  • hear its hiss: be careful, because the danger is lurking somewhere
  • be afraid of it: you are afraid of your hidden emotions, you should know yourself deeper
  • step on a snake: some actions will backfire
  • walk on snakes: a loved one that you trust will try to seduce your friend
  • throwing the skin: deal with the past
  • catch a snake: beware of immoral entertainment
  • kill it: good luck in love and in business
  • a snake with many heads: by your own stupidity you will expose yourself to trouble

A snake is a harbinger of a disease or enemy; as the snake behaves towards the dreamer, as the enemy or disease will treat the dreamer. Cobras and vipers mean money, because they have a lot of venom, as well as a rich wife, for the same reason.

Water hoses promise the same thing as ordinary snakes, and also the disease caused by moisture or danger in the water.

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