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Slobber :

Saliva in a dream symbolizes guilt and disagreement in life, has healing powers and symbolizes all the words spoken in life. A dream can also represent an underlying purpose. Perhaps you want to tell someone what’s on your mind bluntly.

Slobber dream dictionary
  • to see saliva – a dream foreshadows quarrels and disputes
  • have someone’s saliva in your mouth – you will infect someone with your brave attitude and willingness to fight for your
  • to spit on a famous person – portends a conflict with a loved one
  • spit on someone with saliva – the enemy will persuade you to do bad deeds
  • see other people’s saliva – sleep means temporary troubles that will pass quickly thanks to the favor of a kind person
  • to drool – former nightmares from the past will become your bane again
  • not being able to produce saliva, having a dry mouth – you will be overwhelmed with emotional emptiness and a panic fear of losing control in your life
  • seeing a baby drooling – you will come out of a complicated situation unscathed
  • animal saliva – someone will make you furious
  • to have saliva on your clothes – you will completely plunge into your thoughtlessness.

  • to spit someone: rows and a waste of money
  • be spat: happiness and success
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