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Sea Dream Dictionary


Sea dream interpretation

Sea :

A sign of something “new”.

  • look at a quiet, calm sea: we are going to beautiful, sunny days
  • rough: a tough fight ahead of you
  • bathe in it: there will be a chance to leave your worries for some time and forget about troubles
  • fall into the sea: you will have to face the heavy blow of fate
  • get drown in it: the misfortune due to your own stupidity
  • swim in the sea: take the risk
  • get under the water and drown: it means the rescue of a dangerous situation or predicament
  • see the ship at sea: you do not have to give up your plans, you must only think them through
  • sea ​​a robber, pirate: you will achieve your goal
  • a naval battle: your business will bring you a well-deserved joy
  • the Mediterranean Sea: you will be rich in the future


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