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Sandwich dream interpretation

Sandwich :

It is generally believed that a dream about a sandwich augurs a peaceful old age. When you see her in your dream, you are announcing that you have received an inheritance.

Sandwich dream interpretation

A dream about eating a sandwich portends that someone very good will like you and will want to stay in your life. Let him do so and you will gain a true, faithful and loyal friend.

sandwich dream dictionary

If you buy a sandwich in your dream, it is a sign that you have great intellectual abilities. Develop your talents and you will go far.

If in a dream you are making a sandwich, making a sandwich, it is a sign that you will get extra work.

When you sell sandwiches in a dream, show affection to someone close to you, and you will be rewarded for doing so.

The appearance of a sandwich in a dream is a sign of stress and pressure that our environment usually exerts on us.

A sandwich is also a symbol of successive generations that need mutual care (small children require parental care and elderly parents need the care of their adult children). For a better understanding of sleep, also analyze the ingredients of the sandwich.

  • seeing or eating – you are under a lot of pressure or stress for some reason, sleep can also mean being able to do two things at the same time
  • eat a fish sandwich – you will have a conflict between your own spiritual beliefs and what is practical in life
  • seeing half of a sandwich – a difficult and stressful situation that you want to solve gradually will take its toll
  • with peanut butter – you run away from difficult and stressful situations unnecessarily, because they are the driving force of your progress
  • with strawberries – temporary pleasures that were meant to cheer you up will only hurt you
  • with ham – you will get frustrated with funny and pointless situations
  • moldy – due to the nature of your work, you need more patience in your life
  • throw them in the bin – fear and avoiding unpleasant situations in life will do you no good.
sandwich dream meaning

Sandwich dream meaning

It is generally believed that the dream about a sandwich bodes the peaceful old age.

  • see the sandwich: you will get an inheritance
  • eat a sandwich: someone likes you very much
  • buy a sandwich: you have great intellectual skills
  • do a sandwich: you will get an extra job
  • sell sandwiches: show kindness to someone from your immediate environment and you will be rewarded
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