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Rain Dream Dictionary


Rain dream interpretation

Rain :

interpretation similar to the entries: Heaven, Source, Water; the colour is important here

rain_deszczsee: even better times will come

see as it is raining outside the window: the longing for what was, dejection

hear the rain: you will win with your rival

if you get wet: you will find happiness somewhere else than you are looking for it

get drenched to the skin: a cold, infection

be cold: an unpleasant event

shelter before the it rains: profit

it is raining and the sun is shining: happiness through tears

spring rain with a rainbow: a romantic weekend before you

steady rain: profit

heavy rain with thunder: violent emotional experiences

sleet: you are bored with a certain person, but try to be understanding


You will learn the truth from someone. Rain – physiologically semen, possible fertilization, the sexual act without inhibitions. Circumstances of the dream will indicate, whether it is about the fertilization, or not. Rain also means fertility, or at least its announcement; analogy: the chance of success with the project, which is in progress.

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