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Nest :

nest_gniazdoYou focus on building a modest existence, with a view to the future home, shelter with warm, friendly, and even erotic atmosphere.

see empty: the desired emotional relationship cannot succeed. There are two reasons: anxiety and uncertainty appear in your family life, or one member of the family leaves home to start a new life.

see them with eggs or chicks: a harbinger of setting a family or creating happy household; also growing family, pregnancy

see a nest with smashed eggs: a near childbirth

see yolk licking from the egg: the risk of miscarriage

destroy: you may lose your family home and homeland because of your fault

see the bird of prey in the nest: an unpleasant altercation with your family

kill a bird of prey’s nest or a den of a dangerous beast: consciously, and perhaps unconsciously you will manage to escape from the great danger

an abandoned nest: expect the long absence of your beloved

see a ravaged nest: troubles in relationship, or daily worries

encounter a ruined lair of a dangerous beast: you will have to deal with bad

a nest among the trees: advice to guard the secrets of your private life, to keep it away from the public life

see birds that build a nest: a marriage

a nest, which lies on the ground, but did not suffer during the fall: advice not to close in the private life, be open to people and guests

a pair of birds in the nest: consistent and peaceful family life

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