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Mountain Dream Dictionary


Mountain dream interpretation

Mountain :

mountain_goraYou can overcome difficulties.

climb: it shows many difficulties, which overcome, will bring success

go climbing with a guide: you have a patron, listen to his advice and everything will be all right

climb the summit: you will finally achieve what you wanted for a long time

go down the hill: a deserved delight after blessed work

sit at the top of the mountain: you have finished some stage of your spiritual development, now it is a time for reflection

fall down: disappointment, if you see blood, it heralds a serious crisis

an unsteady mountain: hostility and persecutions of the people around you

belching fire and smoke: danger

with a castle at the top: the time of financial prosperity has just begun

with ruins: the reminder of approaching old age

an ice berg: you will face an important life test; if you take a risk, you will win

a volcanic mountain: you will overcome obstacles with your friends’ help

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