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Mist dream interpretation

Mist :

Mist_mglaIt expresses uncertainty referring to your future and the road that you should follow.

see it in front of you: you will encounter unforeseen difficulties in some case, but you will manage to overcome them, thanks to the presence of mind

see a very thick fog: a complicated situation

see the mist rising up: a successful period of life

see the falling fog: good fortune

the dissipating fog: peace and harmony after the turbulent period of life

walk in the fog: you do not know what to do in life, you feel lost and need advisors

see persons walking in the fog: you will enrich through someone’s harm

get lost in the fog: you are very tired, rest and build up your strength

get out of the mist: you will find the solution of a difficult situation

not be able to recognize anything in it: you will get the command, the job or business to handle, and you will be able to do it only guided by your own intuition and common sense.

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